Capgemini Partners with DARPA to Enhance Carbon Capture Using Quantum Computing

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This project will leverage Capgemini’s quantum lab to enhance carbon capture efficiencies

Capgemini Government Solutions LLC announced a new initiative with The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to investigate the use of quantum computing in the field of carbon capture. Beyond pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, this project provides an opportunity for Capgemini to work alongside the U.S. government to advance sustainability efforts and promote a greener future. To support this work, Capgemini will leverage its engineering talent across the globe to navigate the complex ecosystem of carbon capture. As part of this agreement, Capgemini will offer the use of its specialist hybrid intelligence team’s capabilities to tackle high-impact exploratory efforts and identify breakthrough technologies that can accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

DARPA’s Advanced Research Concepts (ARC) topic, ‘Imagining Practical Applications for a Quantum Tomorrow’ (IMPAQT), will focus on exploring quantum algorithms. The goal of Capgemini’s research is to better understand the predictive features of materials by leveraging quantum simulation. The results can be used in data-driven modeling for applications such as carbon capture and storage.

To support this project, Capgemini will provide a team of specialists with research backgrounds in quantum and computational chemistry and proficiency in applied modeling and simulation utilizing quantum computing. By furthering knowledge on metal organic frameworks, this collaboration offers greater diversity, flexibility, and optimization of carbon capture and storage and holds particular relevance for tackling current global challenges in sustainability.

“Capgemini’s breadth of experience with quantum computing and hybrid intelligence, paired with our deep capabilities in carbon capture across the Group, enables partnerships with organizations like DARPA,” said Khalid Sebti, Managing Director at Capgemini Engineering in The Americas. “Beyond pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, this collaboration is an opportunity for Capgemini to work alongside the US government to advance sustainability efforts and promote a greener future.”

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To further support the application of quantum computing, Capgemini has a dedicated Quantum Lab that helps clients to understand the potential of quantum technologies and develop strategies that help them make the shift. This lab brings together the combined expertise of a global network of quantum experts, partners, and specialist research facilities from across the Group.