Normative Launches Enhanced carbon reduction features to accelerate your net-zero journey

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Normative recently launched enhanced carbon reduction features designed to accelerate businesses on their journey to net zero emissions.

Having calculated their carbon footprint and reported emissions, businesses often face the challenge of identifying and implementing effective reduction strategies. Normative’s new tools empower them to navigate this crucial step.

The platform now features functionalities to pinpoint decarbonization opportunities, quantify potential reductions, and establish clear timelines for achieving climate goals – all with remarkable precision and ease.

These robust features, embedded within Normative’s carbon accounting platform, serve as powerful additions to any company’s decarbonization toolkit. Leveraging a comprehensive and accurate carbon baseline, which includes supplier data from the Carbon Network, Normative’s features provide businesses with the following capabilities:

  • Visualization of key emission sources: Businesses can identify which activities contribute most to their footprint, allowing them to prioritize decarbonization efforts.
  • Exploration of reduction scenarios: This empowers stakeholders to tailor strategies by exploring potential reductions across various levels, from individual products to entire departments.
  • Goal setting and tracking: Realistic goals can be established, progress monitored, and climate targets submitted for validation by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Key functionalities include:

  • Reduction Scenarios: This tool allows examination of the entire carbon footprint and identification of reduction opportunities across Scopes 1, 2, and 3. Businesses can experiment with adjustments to activities, material consumption, and other emission sources to assess their reduction potential.
  • Impact Explorer: Users can explore potential changes to materials and activities, and see their impact on the carbon footprint. This tool, powered by a database of emission factors for 40,000 materials and activities, reveals tangible options to spark operational changes and real reductions.
  • Supplier Forecast: Businesses can integrate supplier reduction targets into their scenarios, informing their overall Scope 3 decarbonization plan. This fosters collaboration with suppliers to drive innovation and implement joint reduction initiatives.

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Normative’s commitment to net zero extends beyond these new features. Their established carbon accounting solutions have equipped countless businesses with actionable carbon insights. The Carbon Network spearheads a novel approach to collaborative supply chain decarbonization. Additionally, their team of expert climate strategists is dedicated to helping businesses calculate, report, and reduce their carbon footprint.