Public Corporate Commitments: Advancing in meetings the SDGs Latin America – Leaders Summit 2022 Session


  • CAMILA VALVERDE, Global Compact Network, Brazil
  • MAGARETH GOLDENBERG, 360 woman movement
  • CAMILA ARAUJO, Eletrobras

Since 2003, advances in climate change technology have reduced greenhouse effects in Brazil, and the country has also experienced a reduction in water consumption overall. However, to accomplish SDG 13 by 2030, the panelists emphasize the need to look for allies in the global context which tries to engage small and medium size enterprises to bring the goals of reduction to light. 

“The importance of having public climate change targets for companies brings transparency to the process of climate change,” said Fransisco Razzolini, Klabin.

“Outside the companies, If there is no joining effort with the public and private sector, SDG 13 will not be accomplished in time. Sanitation has to be included. It is necessary to have collective action rather than private actions. 2030 is close, so it is important to work closely to accomplish this goal,” said Camila Valverde, Global Compact Network, Brazil. 

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When asked about action being taken by Brazil to support SDG 16 of transparency and anti corruption, Panelist  Fransisco Razzolini brought light to a movement in Brazil called 100% transparency. There are 5 key areas in this movement: 100% transparency in Public Administration, 100% transparency in compensation for high administration staff, 100% transparency in high risk value change, 100% transparency in Compliance and Governance, and 100% transparency in channels for complaints. 

Regarding the role of Global Compact and UN in Inequality, Camila Verde emphasizes that only if humanitarian issues like  racism and inequality are treated as urgently  as economic issues, SDG 16 might not be accomplished by 2030. She further emphasizes that corporate communities have the intention of participating in this SDG but lack the clarity and guide on how to do so. 

This article is part of a series covering the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit. The UN Global Compact (UNGC) Leaders Summit is an annual convening of global stakeholders from the UN, the public and private sectors, and civil society that takes stock of progress of the SDGs so far, and addresses the gaps in knowledge, resources, and funding. The 2022 Leaders Summit, like last year’s summit, will be a hybrid event of live and virtual speakers. Featured venues this year include an in-person event held in Bangkok, as well as virtual plenaries in Latin America, Australia, East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, in addition to UN Headquarters in New York. This inclusive global event — which will run continuously for more than 24 hours — aims to empower business leaders at every level to take collective action and inspire future leaders to embed a sustainability mindset in their work. ESG News is the exclusive media partner of the event, and will cover all 26 panels.