U.N. Women’s Empowerment Principles Promote Gender Equality – Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative


Tammy Medard, CEO for ANZ Bank (LAO) interview with David Nelson at Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative (NYSE)


  • Tammy listed by Fortune Magazine as one of the most powerful Next Gen. Women
  • U.N. Women’s Empowerment Principles promote gender equality 
  • Working in Southeast Asia, Tammy’s program encourages & educates women on STEM

(ESG News) – When Tammy Medard was on her second maternity leave several years ago, she got a call from someone in the HR department at ANZ Bank, where she worked. The caller wanted to talk about Laos. 

“CEO roles were always on my radar since I started at ANZ Bank, and it was surprisingly the right time,” Medard said during a 2015 interview on the Traders Network Show, hosted by David Nelson.

Medard would go on to become CEO of ANZ Bank (Lao), a role that also led to her being named one of the most powerful women in the world by Fortune. Wrapped up in all that esteem is a commitment to gender equality, something Medard discussed with Nelson during the interview that took place at the UNCTAD U.N. Sustainable Stock Exchange Event in September 2015.

Specifically, Medard discussed the U.N. Women Empowerment Principles, which are resources designed to promote gender equality.

“What I love about something like the Women Empowerment Principles is they give private sector leaders a bit of a framework and a bit of an ‘aha moment’ on what should I be doing, what is important,” Medard said. “They give us some guidelines on how to make it a reality.”

She said the principles inform her own career at ANZ Bank. For instance, when working on procurement, she spends extra time focused on investments she believes women will care about.

She said this kind of thinking is not only in line with the kinds of conversations happening at the Sustainable Stock Exchange Event—it’s in line with what the future needs to look like.

“It represents where we’re going,” she said.