UN Global Compact Introduces 2024 SDG Pioneers Campaign Recognizing Business Leaders Advancing Sustainable Development

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The United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative announced the launch of the 2024 SDG Pioneers campaign today. The SDG Pioneers is designed to honor exceptional individuals within the business community who are leading the way in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDG Pioneers aims to recognize business leaders who are demonstrating innovation, impact, and commitment towards achieving the SDGs, thereby inspiring others to follow suit. By highlighting these pioneers, the program seeks to showcase the important role that businesses play in driving sustainable development and encourage greater engagement and action across industries and regions.

In a statement, Sanda Ojiambo, CEO and Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, expressed enthusiasm for this year’s launch and emphasized its significance in promoting sustainable business practices worldwide:

As we navigate complex global challenges, it is increasingly evident that businesses have a crucial role to play in driving sustainable development. The SDG Pioneers campaign serves as a platform to celebrate the remarkable efforts of individuals who are leading the charge towards a more sustainable and equitable future. By recognizing these pioneers, we hope to inspire others to embrace the principles of the UN Global Compact and take meaningful action towards achieving the SDGs.

Nominations for the SDG Pioneers are open to all individuals working within companies participating in the UN Global Compact. Nominees will be assessed based on their contributions to advancing one or more of the SDGs through innovative solutions, partnerships, advocacy efforts, or other impactful initiatives.

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The selected SDG Pioneers will receive global recognition and visibility for their achievements, as well as opportunities to engage with peers, share best practices, and further amplify their impact on sustainable development.