Bringing Together Change Makers in the field of SDGs – Leaders Summit 2022


Climate change is now. It affects everything from geopolitics to economies to migration. It shapes cities and life expectancies. This is why, UN Global Global Impact is leading an initiative of bringing together change makers in the field of SDGs. These emerging leaders from across the globe spoke on the theme ‘The world we want’ and elaborated their shared vision on businesses and sustainability. 

In this years Leaders summit, policy makers took a deep dive on collective and individual evaluation of their sustainability journey. 

A Part of the panel was Albert Oung chair of ESBN Task Force on green Economy who elaborated on the concept of ‘Happy Money’ and how businesses work with a mindset of helping people while also focusing on profit. He said ‘it’s a win win situation for all’ 

Peerapong Krinchai, executive Vice President of the CPF Group spoke about the idea of Investing in Nature and elaborated on the SDG number 14. 

Albert Oung who’s been in the green business for 40 years said, “New world order is about how you conduct your business. The word green means doing goodness and doing things ethically. Aim of Asia Pacific countries is to set up a new direction and create a sustainable business network. This includes pushing for the Asia Pacific green  deal.” 

Remember, the Asia Pacific green deal focuses on inclusion of business innovation and ambition, new technologies and industries in pursuit of green competitive advantage. Businesses in the Asian Pacific region will focus on partnering with governments and communities with a single agending of ‘going green’. 

Natalie Phaholyothin, the Chief Executive Officer of WWF, Thailand moderated this session. She asked the panelists a very pertinent question on how a balance could be maintained between profitability and sustainability. 

To this, Peerapong Krinchai highlighted the aspects CPF as a company has been focusing on. He said, “We are trying to create an impact by not using coal in Thailand by end of this year. 20% of carbon reduction is our goal. “ According to him, the main goal of CPF is to keep the process efficient. The company is setting an Example for other industry players. CPF applies renewable energy in chicken farms by generating power through bio gas and aiming towards completing E 100 by next year. 

Albert Oung on the other hand highlighted that the way to find solutions to problems is by staying optimistic. He said, “the changes occurring after the pandemic is that people have determination to do good and they understand that there are no lack of solutions.”

Peerapong Krinchai added to this by saying that once people commit to deliver ,they will have a clear direction, and solution will come their way automatically. 

The moderator then went on to ask about the vision of the panelists to inspire other businesses and young people to fulfill SDG targets 

Albert Oung again focused on being optimistic and having the confidence to find solutions. He said, “it’s important to learn history, and not repeat past mistakes to bring about a change in the future.”

The Vice President of CPF enlightened the audience by focusing on how the world is a small place. He encouraged youngsters to become citizens of the world and think global. He said, “ Whatever we do today will affect our next generation.” 

The key message of the session was that sustainability has gained momentum and now is the time and we have to act today. Optimism is the key to solutions and delivering SDGs and doing good is what all citizens should do.