Canada’s Forest Trust is growing the Canadian Club Toronto towards a net-zero carbon footprint with the power of a Smart Forest


Canada’s Forest Trust (CFT) and The Canadian Club Toronto announce their partnership to grow the Canadian Club Toronto events towards a net-zero carbon footprint with the power of a Smart Forest™.

Renowned for putting issues that matter the most at centre stage, the Canadian Club Toronto has levelled up its impact on Canadians and the environment by partnering with CFT to take real climate action. Leveraging the power of nature-based solutions, CFT will plant, preserve and protect a biodiverse forest in Canada to facilitate the capturing of the carbon emissions from upcoming Canadian Club Toronto events.

“Events have a notable role in fueling the climate crises, but they remain an important driver of discussions that spur ideas, insights, strategies and more. This is why CFT has committed to supporting the Canadian Clubs’ continued impact on our society while reducing their impact on the planet,” says Gary Zed, Founder and CEO of CFT. “This partnership is all about sustaining long-term carbon capture, boosting biodiversity and supporting Canada’s green economy while vital conversations continue to connect Canadians and world-class leaders.”

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“The Canadian Club has been a podium and place for Canadians to connect and share ideas for 125 years. The Club has endured and thrived for more than a century precisely because it has been willing to change to reflect new Canadian realities. There is no more pressing issue facing Canadians and the world than the climate change crisis. We recognize that we must do our part now. Our partnership with Canada’s Forest Trust enables us to know with confidence that our carbon footprint will be captured, with a forest that will be planted and managed with care.” Joseph Lo – President, Canadian Club Toronto and Partner PwC

Sources: Canadian Club Toronto and Canada’s Forest Trust