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Ashley Black Interviewed Live from NYSE on Wellness Industry Innovations with FinTech TV – ESG News

Ashley Black Interviewed Live from NYSE on Wellness Industry Innovations with FinTech TV – ESG News

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Ashley Black & Co.’s founder Ashley Black discusses her mission in the wellness industry, updates on products, and growth goals with FinTech TV Host, Remy Blaire – from the iconic New York Stock Exchange.


  • $170 Million in lifetime sales and growing
  • $150 million is the target growth over the next 24 months.
  • Ashley Black, Female Owned. 
  • Ashley Black, Female Run.
  • Ashley Black, Net-zero by 2024.
  • Ashley Black products use recycled materials. 

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About Ashley Black: Ashley Black is Stevie Award winner, Woman of the Year, Lifetime Achievement in Consumer Goods, and Entrepreneur of the Year. She is the #1 best-selling author of “The Cellulite Myth” and “BE… From Passion and Purpose to Products and Prosperity.” She is best known for her invention of the therapy and beauty tool; the FasciaBlaster®. After suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a bone-eating infection, and a total hip replacement, she had no choice but to look for answers that would defy her medical prognosis of a life of pain management and debilitation. She discovered that limitations and pain in her body were due to thickening and scarring of fascia, the connective tissue that connects, penetrates, envelopes, and surrounds every human cell, like soil to plants. This contributed to the creation of a new field of science: Fasciology™. Since 1999 Ashley forged a career as a fascia authority with personal clients in pro sports and Hollywood. The results with her personal clients inspired her to invent the FasciaBlaster® tools in 2014 that have gone on to sell over $170M and amass 9M faithful fans. Her mission in life is to bring evidence-based bio-hacks for reverse aging, increase longevity, and improve health naturally to the mass market. Black owns The Fascia Advancement Academy and is certifying medical and sports professionals in the use of her tools and methodology and partnering with high-end spas and medical facilities to bring her vision to life. With an eco and socially conscious brand, founded and run by women, Ashley couldn’t be more thrilled.


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