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Atem launches free Carbon Cockpit to empower every company to succeed with carbon offsetting

Atem launches free Carbon Cockpit to empower every company to succeed with carbon offsetting

Atem launches free Carbon Cockpit to empower every company to succeed with carbon offsetting
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What’s happening:

  • Atem introduces the Carbon Cockpit, a free platform designed to empower every company to fully participate in combating climate change. 
  • Specifically, Atem’s Carbon Cockpit helps companies to offset successfully.
  • Success means: Offsetting with carbon credits that meet quality requirements while not spending more than necessary.

Why it matters: Many companies struggle to invest in offsetting, because it’s hard to navigate this complicated market and make financially sound decisions. Enterprises that spend millions on offsetting solve this through expensive consultants or in-house experts—options that aren’t economically viable for most. Atem’s Carbon Cockpit democratizes offsetting by making crucial data easy to understand and accessible for free, to empower anyone to succeed with offsetting. 

Key features:

At launch the platform provides guidance in the form of three scores for over 6,000 carbon credit projects:

  • Trust Score: Based on the trusted CCQI framework, and extended by additional data and third-party ratings, this score helps companies answer – “can I trust this carbon credit?”
  • Value Score: Combines trustworthiness and likely market pricing to answer – “is buying this credit a financially sound decision?”
  • Guideline Fit: Matches projects to a company’s specific sustainability guidelines and answers – “is this credit a fit for my offsetting strategy?”

Big picture: Companies are responsible for a significant portion of global carbon emissions, which has led to growing pressure on them to set and achieve net-zero targets. However, the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that at least 10-20% of their emissions are residual, meaning they cannot be eliminated due to current technological or economic constraints. This translates to a need for approximately 5 to 10 gigatons (Gt) of carbon offsetting to truly reach net-zero. Presently, we are only offsetting around 0.2 Gt, covering just 2-4% of the residual emissions. Thus, closing this gap is crucial for meeting our net-zero objectives.

Expert insight: Marcus Wagner, Head of Environmental Sustainability at SAP, puts it this way: “It’s difficult and expensive to assess project quality. We get a lot of insights already but they are always a snapshot, making it difficult to reliably compare projects.” 
The goal: Atem’s Carbon Cockpit aims to become the definitive platform for selecting the right offsets for every sustainability strategy.

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