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Biden⁠-Harris Administration Releases Climate Assessment and Commits $6 Billion to Boost Resilience

Biden⁠-Harris Administration Releases Climate Assessment and Commits $6 Billion to Boost Resilience

Climate Assessment
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Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5) shows decline in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions even as population and GDP have grown

Since Day One, President Biden has delivered on the most ambitious climate agenda in history – signing into law the largest investment in climate action ever, including more than $50 billion in climate resilience, taking bold action to reduce climate pollution across every sector of the economy, protecting more than 21 million acres of public lands and waters, and restoring the vital role of science in guiding the Biden-Harris Administration’s decision-making. As a result of the President’s leadership and economic plan, Bidenomics, clean energy jobs are on rise across the country, companies have announced hundreds of billions of dollars in clean energy investments, and the U.S. is on a path towards cutting carbon pollution in half by 2030.

To equip Americans with the best available science and understanding of climate change impacts in the United States, President Biden is announcing the release of the FifthNational Climate Assessment (NCA5). NCA5, which assesses changes in the climate, its national and regional impacts, and options for reducing present and future risk, indicates that not only is every region of the country already experiencing the impacts of climate change, but ambitious climate action is underway in every region as well.

Federal, state, local, and Tribal mitigation and adaptation actions have significantly increased, while zero-carbon and low-carbon energy options are rapidly becoming more affordable. The report also shows that climate change related extreme weather events still pose a rapidly intensifying threat – one that costs the U.S. at least $150 billion each year, and that disproportionately affects underserved and overburdened communities.

In coordination with the release of NCA5, President Biden is announcing more than $6 billion in investments to make communities across the country more resilient to the impacts of climate change, including by strengthening America’s aging electric grid infrastructure, reducing flood risk to communities, supporting conservation efforts, and advancing environmental justice. The Administration is also releasing new resources to boost climate resilience efforts.

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