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Bloomberg Launches CSRD Data Offering to Aid Financial Firms Ahead of Reporting Deadline

Bloomberg Launches CSRD Data Offering to Aid Financial Firms Ahead of Reporting Deadline

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Key Impact Points:

  • Enhanced ESG Reporting: Over 1,000 metrics covering financial and impact materiality.
  • Strategic Sustainability: Helps firms streamline sustainability strategies and reporting.
  • Comprehensive Access: Available on Bloomberg Terminal and via Data License for enterprise use.

Bloomberg announced a new data offering on the Bloomberg Terminal, collating data companies report in line with the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This service is also available via Data License for scalable enterprise use.

Why it matters: CSRD expands ESG reporting to over 1,000 metrics, covering both financial and impact materiality. Starting in 2025, Bloomberg’s data will help financial firms streamline sustainability reporting and inform their strategies.

Patricia Torres, Global Head of Sustainable Finance Solutions at Bloomberg, emphasized:

Better data drives better investment decisions. Bloomberg ensures its clients benefit from the increased quantity, quality, and reliability of ESG data under CSRD. By providing high-quality ESG data alongside financial data, we help clients seamlessly understand the sustainability profile of their investments and streamline their reporting.

The CSRD data offering maps the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) to Bloomberg data fields, including historical data for fields reported voluntarily or under previous regulations. Nadia Humphreys, Global Head of Sustainable Finance Data Solutions at Bloomberg, added:

Bloomberg has the scale and experience to deliver the broad range of new ESG disclosures under CSRD to our clients efficiently. This marks the first milestone of our CSRD solution, evolving to capture the depth and breadth of available company-reported data, helping clients take action and make well-informed decisions.

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Access: Bloomberg’s CSRD data is available on the Bloomberg Terminal at {ESGD <GO>} and via Data License for enterprise use. This service is part of Bloomberg’s sustainable finance solutions, which include ESG data, analytics, indices, scores, regulatory solutions, sustainable debt, and climate risk assessments. Users also have access to ESG research from Bloomberg Intelligence and BloombergNEF.

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