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BNP Paribas Asset Management Updates Global Sustainability Strategy for Enhanced ESG Integration

BNP Paribas Asset Management Updates Global Sustainability Strategy for Enhanced ESG Integration

BNP Paribas
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Key Impact Points:

  • Update to Global Sustainability Strategy (GSS): BNP Paribas Asset Management has updated its GSS to strengthen its commitment to sustainability in investments and operations, focusing on positive real-world outcomes and financial returns.
  • Integration of Sustainability in Investments: The strategy includes comprehensive ESG integration into their product offerings, with a significant portion of their European-domiciled funds classified under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.
  • Focus on Energy Transition, Ecosystems, and Equality: The strategy aligns with the ‘3Es’ model, emphasizing energy transition, healthy ecosystems, and social equality, and includes a detailed roadmap for biodiversity and net-zero commitments.
  • Stewardship and Corporate Responsibility: The company emphasizes strong stewardship and responsible business practices, both in its investments and corporate operations, including diversity and environmental sustainability.
  • Strategic Priorities and Sustainable Products: BNP Paribas Asset Management identifies six strategic priorities for long-term sustainable returns and offers a range of sustainable investment solutions, including labeled funds and thematic, decarbonization, and impact strategies.

BNP Paribas Asset Management (BNPP AM) is charting a bold course for a more sustainable future with its newly unveiled Global Sustainability Strategy (GSS). This revised plan builds on the success of their initial 2019 strategy, addressing emerging challenges and solidifying BNPP AM’s commitment to responsible investing and a healthier planet.

Six Pillars for Action:

  • Leading the Research Charge: BNPP AM prioritizes science-backed, transparent research, collaborating with renowned academics and leveraging robust scientific models to inform investment decisions.
  • Stewardship with Bite: Their unwavering commitment to bold engagement with companies extends beyond traditional proxy voting, actively advocating for positive policy changes and amplifying the investor voice.
  • Mobilizing Capital for Change: Recognizing the power of capital, BNPP AM is expanding its range of sustainable investment solutions, ensuring there’s a path for every client to align their financial goals with environmental and social impact.
  • Building a Culture of Sustainability: Fostering a company-wide commitment to sustainability principles goes beyond mere words. BNPP AM prioritizes employee education and engagement, ensuring everyone becomes a steward of change.
  • Emerging Markets, Emerging Solutions: Utilizing their strong presence in emerging markets, BNPP AM aims to unlock a net-zero, environmentally sustainable, and inclusive future in these regions, guiding them towards responsible growth.
  • Impact Beyond Investments: The focus isn’t solely on financial returns. BNPP AM is committed to achieving tangible impact through enhanced impact investment strategies and a focus on the broader organizational impact of their decisions.

Three Pillars Guiding the Path:

  • The 3Es of Sustainability: Energy transition, healthy ecosystems, and greater equality—these are the guiding lights for BNPP AM. By pursuing these pillars, they believe they can achieve economic sustainability and safeguard long-term returns for both clients and the planet.
  • Responsible Business Conduct: Holding investee companies accountable is paramount. BNPP AM insists on adherence to fundamental obligations in human and labour rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption practices across their portfolios.
  • ESG Integration Goes Deep: Analyzing investments through the lens of ESG criteria unlocks a broader understanding of risks and opportunities. BNPP AM leverages proprietary scoring and research methodologies, ensuring a nuanced and impactful approach to ESG integration.

A Strengthened Approach to Stewardship and Products:

  • Engaging for Change: BNPP AM recognizes the power of collaborative action.
  • Solutions for Every Investor: From labelled funds focusing on specific sustainability themes to thematic and decarbonization solutions, BNPP AM offers a comprehensive and diverse range of products to cater to every client’s preferences and risk tolerance.

Leading by Example:

  • CSR: Walking the Talk: BNPP AM’s commitment goes beyond external actions. Internally, they are reducing their operational emissions and waste generation, while fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. Community initiatives focused on youth engagement are another way they walk the talk.
  • Transparency Through and Through: Accountable practices are key. BNPP AM publishes annual sustainability reports, detailed stewardship and voting reports, and adheres to industry transparency principles, ensuring their stakeholders are always informed.

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Moving Forward Together:

The updated GSS marks a significant step forward for BNPP AM, but it’s not a solitary journey. They invite collaboration with clients and stakeholders to amplify their impact and work together towards a more sustainable future. By focusing on these six strategic priorities, three core pillars, and a strengthened commitment to stewardship and transparency, BNPP AM is positioned to be a driving force in the fight for a more sustainable tomorrow.


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