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Deutsche Bank Announces the Issuance of its Inaugural €500 Million Social Bond

Deutsche Bank Announces the Issuance of its Inaugural €500 Million Social Bond

Deutsche Bank
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  • €500M raised for affordable housing & senior care
  • Advancing sustainable finance since 2020
  • Aiming for €500B in sustainable financing by 2025

Deutsche Bank announced the issuance of its inaugural €500 million social bond, marking a significant step in its commitment to sustainable finance. The proceeds will support the bank’s sustainable asset pool, funding areas such as affordable housing and essential services for the elderly and vulnerable populations.

Key Details:

  • The bond aligns with Deutsche Bank’s Sustainable Instruments Framework, which outlines the criteria for green and social finance instruments.
  • Proceeds will fund loans and investments aimed at promoting a clean, energy-efficient global economy and societal progress.
  • Specifically, the funds will support affordable housing for disadvantaged communities and enhance access to senior housing with special care.

In a statement, Deutsche Bank highlighted the bond’s role in expanding its ESG issuance program, which began in 2020 with its first green bond. The bank noted:

With this milestone, we expand our ESG issuance program, which began in 2020 with our first green bond issuance. With the issuance of green and now social financing instruments, we aim to contribute to the further advancement of the sustainable finance market and raise funds that match those we lend to our clients to achieve their goals in transforming their business in a climate-friendly and socially sustainable manner.

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Deutsche Bank has set ambitious sustainable finance goals, including a target to facilitate €500 billion in sustainable financing and investments from 2020 to 2025. This inaugural social bond reinforces the bank’s dedication to promoting and financing the transition to a low-emissions economy and supporting socially sustainable development.

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