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Eletrobras Signs New MoUs with European Group and Ceará Government for Renewable Hydrogen Production in Brazil

Eletrobras Signs New MoUs with European Group and Ceará Government for Renewable Hydrogen Production in Brazil

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Eletrobras, the largest electricity company in Latin America, formalized two new Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) this week during World Hydrogen 2024 in Rotterdam. These agreements aim to explore opportunities in renewable hydrogen (H2R) and its derivatives production.

The first MoU, signed with Green Energy Park (GEP), will evaluate competitive H2R production opportunities to accelerate the energy transition. The second MoU, with the government of Ceará, focuses on supplying renewable energy and promoting low-carbon hydrogen production for future industrial projects in the state.

Eletrobras continues to offer innovative solutions for the electricity sector to promote the energy transition and a more sustainable future. As leaders in Brazil’s energy generation and transmission, we must contribute to improving the global energy matrix, ensuring cleaner and renewable sources. These partnerships align with our strategy to decarbonize the economy and ensure energy security,” said Eletrobras President Ivan Monteiro.

The signing ceremony was attended by Eletrobras Vice-President of Commercialization and Energy Solutions, Ítalo Freitas, and Executive Vice-President of Strategy and Business Development, Elio Wolff.

MoU with Green Energy Park

The partnership between Eletrobras and Green Energy Park aims to boost the green economy and energy security by producing renewable hydrogen and derivatives at competitive prices.

We are proud to announce this milestone in building a strong coalition to achieve our climate goals,” said Green Energy Park CEO Bart Biebuyck. “Renewable electricity is the foundation of our green hydrogen production process, and we are pleased to partner with Eletrobras, a dominant player in Brazil’s energy infrastructure. We look forward to the positive impact of this collaboration on the green hydrogen economy in Brazil and globally.

The collaboration will combine more than 10 gigawatts of Eletrobras’ resources for renewable hydrogen production with Green Energy Park’s unique hydrogen and derivatives production platform.

MoU with the Government of Ceará

The MoU between Eletrobras and the government of Ceará aims to develop energy transition projects, decarbonize the economy, and promote a low-carbon hydrogen hub in the state.

The agreement includes the supply of renewable energy and green hydrogen to future industrial projects in Ceará and seeks solutions for the flow of electricity in electro-intensive projects.

The government of Ceará congratulates Eletrobras on its decision to invest in green hydrogen production in our state. This will create more employment and income opportunities for our population and contribute to a more sustainable world,” said Governor Elmano de Freitas.

Ceará, known for its renewable energy generation from wind and solar sources, supports business opportunities through the Green Hydrogen HUB in the Pecém Complex.

Renewable Hydrogen Initiatives

Renewable hydrogen is emerging as a promising solution for the energy transition. Eletrobras has signed two other MoUs this year to develop H2R. In April, an MoU was signed with the government of Maranhão for renewable energy supply in the low-carbon hydrogen production chain. In March, a partnership was established with Paul Wurth’s Brazilian arm for renewable hydrogen production in industrial processes.

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At the end of last year, Eletrobras Furnas’ renewable hydrogen plant at the Itumbiara hydroelectric plant received Brazil’s first renewable hydrogen certification. Three projects are currently being developed in Itumbiara: one for new hydrogen production technologies, another for operation and maintenance workforce training, and a battery storage project.


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