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Fiverr Releases its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

Fiverr Releases its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

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Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is revolutionizing how the world works together, released its 2022 Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) report, detailing the actions it took in 2022 to ensure a more sustainable future. Fiverr’s efforts around sustainability are an extension of the company’s core values and its culture of empowerment. Additionally, the company has aligned itself with four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals towards which its actions and initiatives can have the greatest impact: Quality Education; Gender Equality; Decent Work and Economic Growth; and Reduced Inequalities.

“Sustainability at Fiverr extends far beyond climate practices,” said Micha Kaufman, founder and CEO of Fiverr. “We are committed to maintaining a fair and safe marketplace environment, promoting diversity and inclusion across our community and employees, ensuring our employees’ professional development and welfare, and fostering sound corporate governance across our Board of Directors and management structures.”

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Highlights from the report include:

Creating Fair Economic and Social Opportunities:

  • Fiverr’s Support for Ukraine extended beyond just employees and our freelancer community, but to all the people of Ukraine with multiple initiatives, including financial donations, a special Fiverr store allocated specifically to Ukrainian freelancers and early payouts for these sellers.
  • We established the Freelancer Wellness Fund together with the Freelancers Union and gave out 120 microgrants, which served as cash assistance towards a broad umbrella of wellness-related expenses.
  • As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we joined the Valuable 500 – a global business collective of 500 companies innovating together for disability inclusion, as well as continued to promote our Future Collective for Black-Owned Businesses which doubled its participant size in 2022. Other notable ongoing D&I programs include Fiverr Empower, Fiverr for All, and several Kickstarter Programs for small businesses in partnerships with non-profit organizations (WCEC, Launch It, Black CHEFS Collective).
  • We offered learning and development opportunities including Fiverr’s Sellers Mentorship Program, Community Leadership Program, and Fiverr Learn, in addition to hosting 26 events of roundtables and webinars for our sellers.
  • The Colors Foundation (Fiverr’s philanthropic foundation) partnered with over 50 global organizations to forge meaningful connections between Fiverr and the communities in which it operates.

Marketplace Integrity and Ethics:

  • We updated our Minors policy to require that all users using the platform are at least 18 years of age.
  • We conducted our first Cyber Training Week to further enhance our team’s understanding of cyber security and safety topics related to our Marketplace.

Empowering Our People:

  • We administered the 2022 employee engagement survey. Survey results showed an 86% favorable rating from our workforce on topics ranging from alignment with leadership to enablement and professional development.
  • We continue to promote gender diversity with 51% of our Global team and 60% of our senior management identifying as females.
  • We remain committed to enhancing workforce diversity as 33% of our U.S. employees identified as diverse in 2022, up from 29% the previous year.

Climate Change:

  • Our overall emissions for 2022 decreased by 6% compared to 2021.
  • In 2022, we received an award from Lufthansa, naming us a “Climate Supporter.” We worked with Lufthansa and its subsidiaries to offset 137kg of CO2 using sustainable aviation fuel.
  • We took further steps to reduce our waste and had recycling programs for electronic waste, batteries, paper, and bottles.

Please find the full report here for more details about these and other initiatives.

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