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Four brilliant ways to deploy your end-of-year ESG ad budgets

Four brilliant ways to deploy your end-of-year ESG ad budgets

ESG Ad Budgets
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Savvy marketers dread the stigma of “use it or lose it.” They don’t want to use their remaining budget to overweight ad buys that are already in place. Instead, they  take advantage of fresh options, test new media, create evergreen content for use into 2024, expand into video and create much more!

The calls are starting. We’re hearing from marketers considering ESG News who are ready to act with end-of-year budgets. So we invite you to the front of the line while special promotional pricing is in effect to create fresh new content and lock in rates for 2024:

1. Create fresh content

Use those extra dollars to venture into the video content creation you’ve been longing to try. It can be easier for us to schedule interviews with senior management during Thanksgiving week and in December to focus on content creation than busier times of the year. Whether for a fresh new video we produce with/for you, or teasing out fresh content coming in Q1 2024 – like a survey or white paper, or creating evergreen content now that keeps on giving, the timing is great. November and December are great months  to pay for and create new content that will carry into 2024.

2. Take advantage of special pricing and promotional packages to promote white papers and webinars

This is a win/win. To show how ESG News performs for you we’ve compiled our most effective products, with all the bells and whistles, into bundles that answer the question “How would you spend our money with your brand if the decision were yours?” Use these great bundles to expand your distribution, drive registrations for Q4 events,  and get extra mileage out of 2023 content before it’s consigned to the archives.

3. Expand your 2024 media plan with carefully measured testing

This is a great time to clean the house of campaigns which have lost their effectiveness, and to test new ones for 2024. We know which ESG News products work to serve your objectives and would love to help you maximize the impact of your spending. We can test multiple pieces of creative and get you feedback to support your 2024 planning and 2024 budget presentations to your management.

4. Sign a 2024 contract to lock in 2023 rates

Get the best of both worlds by combining a strategic test of a new partner, like ESG News, and then lock in 2023 rates by signing your 2024 contract in 2023. Avoid the 2024 rate increase that we know is coming given our fast growth since rates were set in July 2023.

*The views of this article are from an ESG News employee, the employee indemnifies that no compensation or in-kind exchange was given in return for producing this article.


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