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Gifting Brands Chooses Fashion Impact Fund as its Charity of Choice to Support Women-Led Workforce Development Programs in Fashion

Gifting Brands Chooses Fashion Impact Fund as its Charity of Choice to Support Women-Led Workforce Development Programs in Fashion

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Gifting Brands, a non-profit shopping platform, has announced that it has selected the Fashion Impact Fund as one of its chosen charities to donate a portion of its proceeds towards workforce development programs for women in the fashion industry. This initiative is part of Gifting Brands’ ongoing commitment to improve the lives of women, children, and families through a unique consumer shopping experience.

The Fashion Impact Fund supports workforce development programs designed to empower women in the fashion industry by providing them with access to job training and resources that help them build successful careers. By supporting these programs, Gifting Brands is helping to break down barriers that often prevent women from advancing in the fashion industry.

Gifting Brands uses fashion as a force for good through a unique ecommerce shopping experience that combines the power of retail brands, sustainable inventory solutions, and philanthropy. The platform offers access to brands such as Baccarat, Talbots, Loft, Signet Corp, Rocksbox, Cabana Life, Tori Richard, and R.Riveter. Brands donate excess inventory and Gifting Brands sells the products via their ecommerce and live events; donating 100% of proceeds to charities that impact women and children.

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“Gifting Brands is committed to supporting organizations that are making a real difference in women and childrens’ lives, and the Fashion Impact Fund is doing just that,” said Jeannie Barsam, Founder and CEO, Gifting Brands. “We are proud to partner with the Fashion Impact Fund to help support women in the fashion industry and provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in supporting these women.”

Gifting Brands has recently partnered with Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island to create a special jewelry collection from one of its top brands, Christy Jean. The sales from this exclusive collection will benefit the Fashion

Impact Fund; amplifying Gifting Brands’ commitment to using shopping for social good and supporting organizations that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Kerry Bannigan, Founder and Executive Director, Fashion Impact Fund, added: “We are grateful to Gifting Brands for their support, together we will be able to continue our work towards making fashion a force for good. Through their commitment we can empower more women in fashion to achieve their full potential.”

Gifting Brands ecommerce and live events will donate a portion of sale proceeds towards the Fashion Impact Fund’s workforce development programs. Customers can feel good knowing that their purchase is making a positive impact on the world.

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