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GM to Retire 50 Million Tons of GHG Credits to Settle EPA Emissions Probe

GM to Retire 50 Million Tons of GHG Credits to Settle EPA Emissions Probe

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  • GM commits to retiring 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gas credits.
  • EPA investigation reveals excess CO2 emissions in 5.9 million GM vehicles.
  • Affected models include various pickups and SUVs from 2012-2018.

General Motors (GM) has agreed to retire approximately 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gas credits to address excess CO2 emissions identified through the EPA’s light-duty vehicle in-use testing program. This settlement follows an EPA investigation revealing that 5.9 million 2012-2018 model year GM vehicles emitted more CO2 than initially reported.

The EPA’s light-duty vehicle standards aim to ensure vehicles meet emissions performance asserted during the certification process. Automakers are required to test vehicles at one and four years of use and submit those results to the EPA. Both GM’s and the EPA’s tests revealed that the GM vehicles emitted more than 10% higher CO2 on average than GM’s initial compliance reports indicated.

EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan:EPA’s vehicle standards depend on strong oversight in order to deliver public health benefits in the real world. Our investigation has achieved accountability and upholds an important program that’s reducing air pollution and protecting communities across the country.

Details of the Agreement:

  • The agreement involves approximately 4.6 million full-size pickups and SUVs and 1.3 million midsize SUVs from the 2012-2018 model years.
  • These vehicles include popular models such as the Chevrolet Equinox, Silverado, Tahoe, and GMC Terrain and Yukon.

In-Use Testing Program:

The EPA’s in-use testing program plays a critical role in ensuring the climate benefits of the EPA’s vehicle standards are realized. The program includes recently finalized light-duty vehicle standards expected to avoid more than 7 billion tons of carbon emissions and provide nearly $100 billion in annual net benefits. The EPA remains vigilant in monitoring vehicle performance to ensure compliance and achieve the goals of the greenhouse gas programs.

Impact on GM and Future Compliance:

GM’s retirement of 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gas credits will be reflected in the EPA’s next Automotive Trends and GHG Compliance Report, set to be updated later this year. This action emphasizes the EPA’s commitment to enforcing emissions standards and ensuring automakers are accountable for the environmental performance of their vehicles.

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The EPA’s proactive monitoring and enforcement actions ensure the integrity of vehicle emissions standards, protecting public health and the environment by reducing harmful emissions from millions of vehicles on the road today.

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