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Google Announces Water Stewardship Initiatives for World Water Day

Google Announces Water Stewardship Initiatives for World Water Day

Google Announces Water Stewardship Initiatives for World Water Day
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Google commemorates World Water Day by highlighting four new partnerships that contribute to water security in communities near its operations. These initiatives target diverse water challenges and demonstrate Google’s commitment to its 2031 goal of replenishing 120% of the freshwater consumed by its data centers and offices.

Restoring California’s Central Valley Floodplains:

  • Partnering with River Partners, Google aims to revitalize a section of the Tuolumne River’s natural floodplain.
  • This project involves replanting native trees and vegetation on flood-prone farmland, reconnecting the floodplain with the river, and enhancing habitat for endangered species.
  • The initiative not only improves flood protection but also promotes groundwater recharge and reduces water demand.

Smart Irrigation in Chile’s Maipo River Basin:

  • Google collaborates with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Kilimo to implement AI-powered irrigation management across 800 hectares of farmland.
  • Kilimo’s app leverages satellite data, soil moisture readings, and weather information to provide farmers with real-time irrigation recommendations.
  • This technology optimizes water usage, boosting agricultural productivity while conserving this vital resource in the semi-arid Maipo River basin.

Enhancing Water Resilience in the Netherlands:

  • Partnering with BEF and Acacia Water, Google tackles water scarcity and rising sea levels in the Netherlands.
  • One project in Groningen utilizes Fixeau’s technology to monitor salt levels in irrigation water, preventing crop damage.
  • On Texel Island, Google and Acacia Water are expanding an aquifer storage and recovery system to collect excess rainwater for use during dry periods, ensuring a sustainable water source for local farms.

Protecting Wetland Biodiversity in Japan:

  • Google collaborates with the Ramsar Network Japan to preserve the Watarase Basin, a haven for endangered species like the Oriental Stork.
  • The project focuses on removing sediment to restore wetland habitats and creating small ponds to provide year-round food sources for wildlife.
  • Additionally, Google partners with local rice farmers to maintain water levels in paddies, ensuring a sustainable food supply for the basin’s diverse ecosystem.

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These projects illustrate Google’s commitment to addressing water challenges at the local level. By supporting diverse solutions and collaborating with dedicated organizations, Google strives to create a future where water security benefits both communities and the environment.


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