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Google Open-Sources Plastic-Free Packaging Design Guide

Google Open-Sources Plastic-Free Packaging Design Guide

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Key Impact Points:

  • Google’s guide aims to help designers create sustainable packaging.
  • Focuses on eliminating plastic from hardware product packaging.
  • Encourages industry-wide collaboration for sustainable solutions.

Google has taken a significant step toward environmental sustainability by open-sourcing its Plastic-Free Packaging Design Guide. This initiative is part of Google’s broader commitment to reducing plastic use and creating more sustainable packaging solutions across the tech industry. The guide provides practical insights and strategies that Google has implemented, such as the plastic-free packaging for the Pixel 8.

Design is about solving problems and sustainability is one of the biggest problems of our time,” said Ivy Ross, VP of Design, UX and Research at Google Consumer Hardware. This sentiment is echoed by Ana Corrales, Chief Operating Officer at Google Consumer Hardware, who emphasized, “A sustainable future won’t be achieved through the actions of one company. Working together is always how the best outcomes are realized.

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The guide not only outlines the steps taken by Google but also encourages other companies to adopt similar practices to foster a collaborative effort in the fight against plastic pollution. By sharing their methods and experiences, Google aims to set a standard in the industry and inspire innovation in sustainable design.


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