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Heather Buchanan, Chief Executive for Bankers for Net Zero talks to Ketan Patel, Chairman, Force For Good

Heather Buchanan, Chief Executive for Bankers for Net Zero talks to Ketan Patel, Chairman, Force For Good

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Video Archives Now Available: Chief Executive & Co-Founder for Bankers for Net Zero, Heather Buchanan one-on-one interview with Show Host, Ketan Patel, “Force For Good”

ESG News releases Heather Buchanan, Chief Executive & Co-Founder for Bankers for Net Zero one-on-one interview with Force for Good Host and Chairman Ketan Patel, live from London.

Highlights – Heather Buchanan speaks to “Force For Good” About:

  • Heather discusses the challenges of transitioning the banking and financial sector to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, as risk and value are being rapidly redefined
  • Ensuring alignment between the financial and real economies is key to enabling the transition
  • Heather’s organization focuses on removing barriers to banks’ net zero commitments and accelerating finance flows to low-carbon solutions
  • London is well positioned to lead due to its openness to new opportunities, though clear policy and better data are still needed – Failure to align financial and economic systems could have serious social and environmental consequences
  • Optimism that with the right focus on data, transforming risk/value concepts, and leveraging London’s legacy, the city can play a leading role in achieving net zero targets

Event Details:

Show: Force For Good
Guest: Heather Buchanan, Chief Executive & Co-Founder for Bankers for Net Zero
Host: Ketan Patel
Original Release Dates: January 30, 2024
Location: London
Network: ESG News
Producer: Matt Bird
YouTube: Archive

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About Heather Buchanan

In addition to her role as Chief Executive & Co-Founder for Bankers for Net Zero, Heather holds the role of Director of Policy for the APPG on Fair Business Banking, where she shapes the strategic direction of the group. With a notable seven-year track record of effective engagement within the UK Parliament, she has been a driving force for positive change in support of small businesses. Heather consistently provides guidance to Members of Parliament, peers, Government departments, regulators, trade bodies, and civil society, specifically on the intricate dynamics between businesses and their lenders.

The collaborative efforts of the Group, in partnership with other pivotal stakeholders, have yielded significant outcomes. This collaboration has led to the expansion of the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and the establishment of the Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS). Additionally, Heather is an active member of the UK Finance SME Advisory Group.

Her involvement extends to her role on the Steering Committee of the BankingFutures project. Moreover, she has contributed to the formulation of the Lending Standards Board Standards of Lending Practice for Business Customers, underscoring her commitment to enhancing lending practices.

About Ketan Patel

Chair of the Force for Good Platform and Initiative; CEO and Founder, Greater Pacific Capital; Formerly Goldman Sachs, Head of Strategic Group; Formerly Partner KPMG; Author of ‘The Master Strategist’ (Random House, 2005) 

Ketan established the Force for Good Initiative, leading its outreach and research and co-authored its inaugural report, ‘Capital as a Force for Good’, in December 2020, which examined 63 leading global financial institutions and engaged 30 as active participants, establishing the industry’s efforts to impact the world for good.

He was formerly a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and headed the Goldman Sachs Strategic Group. He has worked extensively in the US, Europe, China, Japan and India, providing strategic counsel to the bank’s leading corporate, investing and government client leaders.

Ketan co-founded and leads the investment firm, Greater Pacific Capital (GPC), which invests in high growth enterprises making an impact locally and internationally, profitably and sustainably. 

He also leads GPC’s research work, which focuses on peace, prosperity and freedom, including the rise and fall of civilisations, great power, the changing world order and the shape of the world to come, sustainability, mass inclusion and the eradication of slums.

Ketan is a fellow, trustee and board member of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS), and worked with the UNWAAS Global Leadership Initiative, leading the future of finance initiative. He currently chairs the WAAS Global Referendum initiative. 

He is a member of the working group of the UN SDSN Senior Working Group on Joint Implementation of EGD and SDGs and also the Lancet Commission COVID 19 Green Recovery Task Force focused on Sustainable Finance. 

Ketan is the author of ‘The Master Strategist’ (Random House, 2005). 

He grew up in London and India and studied Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and is an MBA and ACMA.

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