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How Amazon is Reducing its Carbon Footprint in the UK

How Amazon is Reducing its Carbon Footprint in the UK

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Amazon is now delivering millions of packages in major UK cities like London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Belfast using electric cargo bikes and foot couriers. This shift away from traditional delivery vans helps reduce emissions and congestion in city centers.

AI optimizes packaging for each order:

Amazon’s AI model, the Package Decision Engine, ensures items are shipped in right-sized boxes. This minimizes wasted materials and reduces overall shipment size.

Micromobility hubs for sustainable deliveries:

Strategically located hubs in major cities serve as sorting centers for the final leg of a package’s journey. These hubs facilitate deliveries by electric cargo bikes and foot couriers, reducing reliance on delivery vans in congested areas. This approach improves air quality and alleviates traffic congestion. Millions of deliveries annually will be fulfilled through this network as Amazon strives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

€1 billion investment in electric vehicles:

A €1 billion commitment supports the electrification and decarbonization of Amazon’s European transportation network, with £300 million dedicated specifically to the UK. To further accelerate the transition, Amazon launched an open-source tool in 2023 to identify priority locations for building electric charging stations for heavy goods vehicles. The company currently operates around 1,000 electric delivery vans on UK roads and aims to have a global fleet of 100,000 electric delivery vehicles by 2030, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Micromobility hub expansion:

The electric cargo bike program began in 2022 with hubs launched in Manchester and London. London now boasts four operational hubs, while Glasgow and Belfast have joined the network with their own hubs.

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Leading in renewable energy:

As the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy, Amazon is a sustainability leader in the UK as well. The company operates 29 solar projects on-site and has enabled seven large-scale offsite renewable energy projects, generating enough clean energy to power over one million UK homes annually. These projects include corporate purchase power agreements with wind farms in Ballykeel, Northern Ireland; Moray West, Scotland; and East Anglia THREE, Suffolk.

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