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KPMG in Canada launches Decarbonization Hub

KPMG in Canada launches Decarbonization Hub

KPMG in Canada launches Decarbonization Hub
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Helping companies take action on net zero commitments

KPMG in Canada has launched a new Decarbonization Hub to help organizations achieve their emissions reduction and energy transition goals, as part of its ongoing commitment to provide innovative solutions to combat climate change.

“While many companies have set ambitious decarbonization targets, reducing emissions is a complex operational and business challenge,” says Doron Telem, National ESG Leader at KPMG in Canada. “With evolving government regulations and increased stakeholder expectations, Canadian organizations are under pressure to make meaningful progress in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Our new Decarbonization Hub brings together under one umbrella, our infrastructure, finance, climate and technology specialists to help our clients devise and implement realistic transition plans. The Hub also collaborates with our deal and tax professionals to facilitate transactions that may be required in the decarbonization process.”

KPMG’s Decarbonization Hub is led by Andrew McHardy, a partner in KPMG’s Global Infrastructure Advisory practice. He brings over 25 years of experience leading engineering, consulting and project teams, including responsibility for the planning, design and development of emissions reduction solutions, hydrogen and renewable fuels, carbon capture, energy storage and renewable power. A Canadian military veteran, Mr. McHardy is a graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and The Royal Military College of Canada. He joined KPMG in March 2023.

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“Decarbonization is an increasingly complex endeavour, particularly as organizations move forward from low-carbon commitments and boardroom planning to implementation and monitoring decarbonization solutions,” says Mr. McHardy. “That’s why investing in the right strategies, technologies, tools and methods at the start of the journey is critical to decarbonizing your business efficiently and cost-effectively. Our Decarbonization Hub is structured to help organizations navigate a myriad of policy, regulatory, technical, commercial and financial-related uncertainties as they transform their business, operations and assets.”

While KPMG offers many of these services individually, they have now also been integrated into solution sets within the Decarbonization Hub. These include:

  • Developing decarbonization pathways to reduce emissions aligned to corporate strategy and existing economic, market, and stakeholder pressures
  • End-to-end support implementing decarbonization solutions, including deploying and integrating new technologies, infrastructure, and operating models
  • Navigating climate policy and incentives to support clients in understanding the emerging regulatory, legal, tax and funding landscape across their geographic and industry footprints
  • Structuring and arranging financing for decarbonization projects and investments, including financing strategy development and deal negotiation with investors and other parties
  • Effective reporting on commitments and progress made towards decarbonization and related climate and nature initiatives aligned with ESG reporting standards and frameworks

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