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Moody’s and MSCI Partner to Enhance ESG Transparency and Data-Driven Risk Solutions

Moody’s and MSCI Partner to Enhance ESG Transparency and Data-Driven Risk Solutions

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  • Enhanced ESG Data: Moody’s to integrate MSCI’s ESG ratings into its offerings.
  • Broader Coverage: MSCI to use Moody’s Orbis database for private company ESG insights.
  • Strategic Synergy: Collaboration aims to power better data-driven decisions.

Moody’s Corporation and MSCI Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to enhance transparency and deliver robust, data-driven risk solutions. By integrating MSCI’s ESG ratings and leveraging Moody’s Orbis database, this collaboration aims to provide comprehensive ESG insights and better decision-making tools for clients across banking, insurance, and corporate sectors.

ESG Integration

Moody’s will leverage MSCI’s sustainability data and models, widely used by leading asset managers and owners. This integration will enhance Moody’s ESG offerings and support its customers with advanced ESG content.

“Moody’s customers gain access to MSCI’s renowned ESG content,” stated Rob Fauber, President & CEO of Moody’s.

Private Company Insights

MSCI will utilize Moody’s Orbis database, which contains data on over 500 million entities, to extend its private company ESG coverage. This will enhance MSCI’s ability to offer deeper insights into private credit markets.

“This agreement will help MSCI expand our private company ESG coverage,” said Henry A. Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of MSCI.

Strategic Synergy

The partnership is designed to harness the strengths of both companies, combining Moody’s risk assessment expertise with MSCI’s ESG data. This synergy aims to deliver superior solutions across different client segments and asset classes.

No Impact on Credit Ratings: The partnership will not affect Moody’s Ratings. Moody’s will continue to provide transparency on ESG impacts through its Credit Impact Scores and Issuer Profile Scores, and will maintain its sustainable finance offerings.

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Commitment to Climate Solutions: Moody’s remains dedicated to delivering market-leading climate solutions to its customers.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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