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Olivier Sarkozy Managing Partner at Further Global with Matt Bird at Greenwich Economic Forum

Olivier Sarkozy Managing Partner at Further Global with Matt Bird at Greenwich Economic Forum

Olivier Sarkozy, Managing Partner at Further Global on capital market, alternative and impact investing with Matt Bird at Greenwich Economic Forum (Greenwich, CT)


  • Further Global is one of the largest investment advisory firms in the nation by AUM
  • Further Global controls $467.5 million in AUM
  • Olivier has worked on many of the largest mergers in the U.S. financial industry


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Olivier Sarkozy, Managing Partner at Further Global with Matt Bird

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 00:00

Welcome back to the Traders Network Show and our continued coverage of the Greenwich Economic Forum. I’m Matt Bird broadcasting worldwide from Greenwich, Connecticut. The next guest is the managing partner of Further Global, Olivier Sarkozy. Olivier Sarkozy welcome to the show. Let me see. So we just pulled you in. You just walked through the door. You haven’t been into the forum yet, but you’re going to be ushered from here up to the stage here in a few minutes. You’re talking private equity. What can we expect from you today?

Olivier Sarkozy – Managing Partner, Further Global: 00:28

Well, we’re going to try to give them the attendees a feeling for why private equity as an asset class to use to make sense. What differentiates it, what allows these folks to drive these outsized returns, particularly in this type of placing is fairly high. The economic cycle is one. And many would think that with a recession ahead, at some point it’s going to be hard to deliver the types of returns.

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 01:04

You’ve got quite a pedigree. You come from Carlyle you’ve recently formed the Further Global organization. What is further doing right now. How’s differentiating yourself in the market?

Olivier Sarkozy – Managing Partner, Further Global: 01:14

So listen, we focus on a segment of the market, financial services that private equity is stark. So our segment of the market is 25% of the economy in terms of net income, 18% of the market value. So second to tech, and yet less than 5 cents where the private equity is targeted in a new space. So it’s a much smaller number of competitors. And as a result, we have to create a differential, which is kind of soda.

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 02:03

You know what GEF thinks so as well. And you weren’t here yesterday where we were covering the event yesterday and the governor of Connecticut was here. The mayor Greenwich was here. Chuck Davis Byron Allen, Steve Case. And in the list of names, we have a lot of those here today. Why are public private partnerships so important to put for economic development today?

Olivier Sarkozy – Managing Partner, Further Global: 02:18

Well, it’s an, it’s a good question. It’s obviously a political hot topic for reasons that are well beyond comprehension level. The benefits are that we don’t have to worry about gap accounting, we don’t have to worry about orderly and we know how to attract, retain, motivate top quality. Put all those things together and you have a tendency to find that held and run. Companies have a tendency after. And so in the world of the future, things like you’ll see markets continue to grow and the benefits be enjoyed not only by the investors in private capital, but the community as well.

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 03:10

You know, I actually totally agree. I mean it’s even convenings like this without the private entities actually putting the mechanisms together to bring the thought leadership together wouldn’t be possible without the public assistance side of the economic developed councils and those sorts of things. Well listen, I wish you a great success on the stage. I wouldn’t mind having you back and get some post-comments on after you come off. I’m sure you’ll have a lot more to say when you’re up there cause I, they give you a limited amount of time, but you’re going to have a terrific room. It’s going to be, I’m sure, a polarizing panel for Olivier. It’s my pleasure. Thanks so much. You’re watching the Traders Network Show broadcasting for Greenwich, Connecticut and special thanks to our affiliate network partners, ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS. Olivier Sarkozy thanks again buddy.


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