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Prince William’s Earthshot Prize 2024 Impact Report Highlights 420k Tonnes Carbon Emissions Avoided

Prince William’s Earthshot Prize 2024 Impact Report Highlights 420k Tonnes Carbon Emissions Avoided

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The Earthshot Prize and its network have catalyzed £50M in funding in addition to Prize Money, reaching 54M people on average each year on social media since 2021. The finalists have reduced, avoided, or captured 420,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions.


By 2030, the world must reduce CO2 emissions by over 40% and protect 30% of nature, fresh water, and oceans. In response, Prince William founded The Earthshot Prize in 2020. Within three years, it has emerged as a global platform for finding innovators, unlocking funding, accelerating solutions, and inspiring optimism. The 2024 Impact Report outlines the progress on this decade-long journey.

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The success in finding potentially world-changing solutions depends on the quality and quantity of nominations received. In its first year, 2021, The Earthshot Prize received 750 nominations, which increased to 994 in 2022 and 1,160 in 2023, marking a 55% uplift. Global representation has increased annually, with nominations from a total of 125 countries.

2,900 – Nominations received over the first three prize years
60% – Of organizations nominated in 2023 were from the Global South


To date, £15m of Prize money has been awarded to the first three cohorts of winners to help scale their solutions. This funding supports the expansion and evolution of their existing solutions and funds vital R&D work. In addition to the annual prize money, The Earthshot Prize works with its Global Alliance and others to help catalyze additional funding. Alongside the £15m prize money, an extra £50m has been catalyzed through its network of partners.

£15M – Prize money awarded to 15 winners to help scale their solutions
£50M – Extra funding catalyzed through the network of partners


The Earthshot Prize exists to scale innovative solutions that seek to repair and restore the planet. Many finalists have seen their impact accelerate since receiving support from The Earthshot Prize and its partners, whether in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste, creating green jobs, or protecting oceans, rivers, and land.

420,000 – Tonnes of CO2e emissions reduced, avoided or captured by Earthshot Prize finalists
100,000 – Tonnes of waste removed, upcycled or avoided by Earthshot Prize finalists

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The stories of the finalists, the challenges they face, and their innovative solutions have power beyond the direct impact on the climate crisis. These stories engage people, especially young people, and start a movement to change the global narrative to one of hope, possibility, and urgent optimism across the decade.


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