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The Coca-Cola System: Refreshing Local Economies and Communities Worldwide

The Coca-Cola System: Refreshing Local Economies and Communities Worldwide

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Driven by a passion to refresh the world and make a positive difference, The Coca-Cola System operates as a global company with deep local roots. Its unique structure, employing over 700,000 individuals across 200 countries, fosters vibrant communities through a localized “seed-to-sip” journey.

This journey begins with The Coca-Cola Company producing concentrates, bases, and syrups, which are then entrusted to independent bottling partners. These partners, ranging from large multinationals to family-owned businesses, become the beating heart of local economies. They source ingredients and packaging materials locally, employ local workers, and distribute finished beverages through local retailers and vendors, resulting in a staggering 2.2 billion servings consumed daily worldwide.

In essence, The Coca-Cola System acts as a close neighbor, creating jobs and opportunities wherever it operates. “We’re global in reach, but local in action,” explains Michael Goltzman, Senior Vice President. “This translates to significant economic and employment multipliers within our communities. Every beverage purchased likely involved local employees, ingredients, packaging, and distribution.

Bottling partners play a crucial role, not just as economic engines but also as community representatives. They collaborate with a vast network of suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors, generating jobs and career pathways across diverse sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, supply chain, transportation, and retail. This interconnected value chain forms the very fabric of local economies.

The impact is evident in stories like Christina Griffin’s, a truck driver delivering locally bottled Coca-Cola beverages across West Texas. In the United States alone, The Coca-Cola System supports over 854,000 jobs, with 84,000 directly within the system and 770,000 across its extended value chain. This translates to an impressive nine additional jobs generated for every direct one. Furthermore, the system contributes a staggering $27.8 billion to the national economy through local supplier purchases.

Latin America presents another compelling example. With over 180 bottling plants across 39 countries, The Coca-Cola System boasts a 95-year legacy deeply intertwined with the region’s social, environmental, and economic fabric. It supports nearly 1.7 million jobs, including farmers like Angelina Diaz Teixeira, who harvests guarana for popular Brazilian beverages. The system also fosters economic growth by purchasing $13 billion worth of goods and services from local suppliers and generating $36 billion in economic added value across various sectors. Notably, $13.5 billion of this value translates to taxes paid and collected for local governments.

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These are just glimpses into the vast web of economic benefits woven by The Coca-Cola System globally. From ingredient suppliers to retailers, countless individuals contribute to bringing over 200 beloved beverage brands to consumers worldwide. This interconnected value chain, with its upstream and downstream ripples, represents the secret formula for sustainable economic growth nurtured by The Coca-Cola System.

Beyond economic contributions, The Coca-Cola System boasts a rich history of supporting communities through employee volunteerism, product donations, grants from The Coca-Cola Foundation, and partnerships with local organizations. These efforts address critical environmental and social priorities like education, economic empowerment, recycling, water stewardship, and disaster relief, solidifying The Coca-Cola System’s role as a responsible and impactful neighbor in every community it serves.


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