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1% for the Planet Launches Philanthropic Fund to Drive Positive Change for the Environment

1% for the Planet Launches Philanthropic Fund to Drive Positive Change for the Environment

New 1% for the Planet® Impact Fund at National Philanthropic Trust Open to Donors of All Sizes; unique collaboration among National Philanthropic Trust, 1% for the Planet and CapShift

1% for the Planet — the global network of individuals and businesses that has donated more than $350 million to support environmental nonprofits around the globe — today announced the launch of an innovative philanthropic fund providing environmentally focused investments and grants.

The new 1% for the Planet Impact Fund at National Philanthropic Trust (“Planet Impact Fund”) is available to donors of all sizes with a commitment to the environment. Launching with a portfolio of public investments selected to drive climate impact, the fund will incorporate private investments when it reaches scale to drive even greater positive impact, going beyond the level of impact possible with a typical ESG portfolio. The public allocation will include mutual funds and exchange-traded funds and will target best-in-class managers investing in climate leaders and solutions. The private allocation will focus on high-impact, non-public investment opportunities that can drive meaningful climate mitigation and support climate change resiliency.

In addition, the Planet Impact Fund will annually disburse approximately 10% of all funds to vetted environmental nonprofits. This grantmaking will focus on a curated set of organizations that are advancing environmental justice and elevating the communities and ecosystems most impacted by threats to the environment.

Building on a Two-Decade Legacy

“For 20 years, 1% for the Planet has engaged businesses and individuals to donate one percent of annual sales or income to vetted environmental nonprofits driving positive environmental impacts,” said Kate Williams, CEO. “The resulting collective contributions of hundreds of millions of dollars is truly making a global difference. And we can do so much more.”

“That’s why today we are excited to announce our partnership with National Philanthropic Trust and CapShift to launch the Planet Impact Fund, providing donors of all sizes a unique opportunity to optimize multiple levers of change that can generate positive outcomes for our planet and future generations.”

The Planet Impact Fund is a collaboration among National Philanthropic Trust, 1% for the Planet and CapShift. National Philanthropic Trust, the largest national, independent public charity that manages donor-advised funds will serve as the Planet Impact Fund’s sponsor and fiduciary.

“This collaboration with 1% for the Planet and CapShift furthers NPT’s goal of offering ahead-of-the-curve options for donor-advised fund philanthropists,” said Rene Paradis, Chief Operating Officer of National Philanthropic Trust. “NPT has the unique flexibility to provide engaged, visionary donors and organizations with customized options to address the issues that mean the most to them. With the Planet Impact Fund, most anyone can leverage decades of experience and research to effect positive environmental change.”

Providing advisory services to the fund, including sourcing and vetting grantmaking opportunities, 1% for the Planet brings two decades of expertise in environmental philanthropy and a track record of innovation to inform a thoughtful, inclusive and future-oriented giving approach. CapShift provides investment advisory services to the fund, bringing deep knowledge of connecting capital to impact through investments.

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Donor Options

Contributions to the Planet Impact Fund can be made in two ways.

First, donors at any level can contribute directly to the Planet Impact Fund. This tax-deductible donation will be fully allocated to best-in-class environmental impact investments and grants. Second, donors giving $25,000 or more also have the option to open their own donor-advised fund (DAF) on the Planet Impact Fund platform. Individual DAFs will be invested in the pre-selected environmental impact investments and DAF-holders may recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations at any time, provided their DAF has available liquidity.

For all donors, 1% for the Planet will provide annual impact reports about the investments. Donors to the Planet Impact Fund will additionally receive an impact report focused on granting to nonprofits.

Cash & Crypto

Donations can be made via credit card, wire or check. Cryptocurrencies and illiquid assets also are accepted. Initial annual net fees covering management, advisory and administration of the fund are estimated at 2.5% and are projected to decrease to below 2% per year as the fund reaches scale. Different fees may apply to DAFs on the Planet Impact Fund platform.


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