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Arco Releases its 2021 ESG Report

Arco Releases its 2021 ESG Report

Arco Platform Limited, or Arco, released its 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, updating its main metrics, detailing its 2025 Goals and main projects to achieve. Arco’s goals and indicators follows the three material pillars defined in 2021: Promote the Impact on Education and Focus on People through a Strong and Sustainable Structure.

For 2022, the company main focus will be on:

  • measuring the evolution in learning in its partner schools and increasing the number of students learning 21st century skills;
  • reducing the turnover, increasing the employees NPS and strengthening its diversity programs; and
  • mapping its paper life cycle and starting to measure carbon emissions.

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“Our 2025 ESG Commitments, detailed in the ESG Report released today, reinforces our public dedication to transform lives and the society through Education, generating impact to all the stakeholders that has been building this history with us: our partner schools, which trust our solutions and brands to improve their performance, our employees, who work tirelessly to deliver our purpose, our sales team, which make it possible to deliver excellent content and relevant technology, and to our investors, who are our partners in the constant evolution of our company”, said Ari de Sá Neto, Arco’s founder and Chief Executive Officer.

The ESG report can be downloaded on Arco’s website: https://investor.arcoplatform.com/ESG/.

Source: Arco Platform Limited


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