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Atrius® Sustainability Starter Revolutionizes Carbon Accounting for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Atrius® Sustainability Starter Revolutionizes Carbon Accounting for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Atrius® Sustainability Starter
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Atrius, a division of Acuity Brands, Inc., introduces Atrius® Sustainability Starter, a game-changing, entry-level carbon accounting solution. Tailored for small and mid-sized businesses, this free tool simplifies emissions tracking (Scopes 1 and 2), addressing the growing need for efficient solutions amid increasing ESG regulations. With 21% of industry professionals grappling with time-consuming carbon accounting in spreadsheets, Atrius Sustainability Starter streamlines the process, liberating valuable time and mitigating human error.

“Atrius® Sustainability Starter overcomes the time and cost barriers small to mid-sized businesses face at the onset of their sustainability journey,” says Sandeep Modhvadia, VP of Product at Atrius. “In a landscape where 55% of US public companies still rely on cumbersome spreadsheets for emissions, our tool enables user-friendly, guided emissions calculations, minimizing manual efforts and errors.”

Amy’s Kitchen, renowned for its commitment to sustainability, lauds Atrius® Sustainability Starter. Renaud des Rosiers, Director of Sustainability at Amy’s, notes, “This accessible tool aligns perfectly with our ESG objectives, empowering organizations to shrink carbon footprints and actively combat climate change. Atrius Sustainability’s Enterprise offering is integral to tracking and achieving our sustainability goals.”

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Atrius® Sustainability Starter offers guided product tours for user-friendly data input, liberating organizations from manual calculations. By optimizing emissions tracking, businesses can redirect time and resources towards other operational goals, fostering accelerated progress. For those ready to elevate their carbon accounting with advanced reporting, alerting, and data quality control, The Sustainability Starter seamlessly upgrades to the full Atrius Sustainability version. This unlocks enhanced automation and integration capabilities, providing a direct path to the Enterprise tier for extended platform use and sustainability goal achievement.

To sign up for a free Atrius Sustainability Starter account and learn how your organization could be reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, visit atrius.com/starter.


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