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Boerse Stuttgart Group Launches ESG Data for Cryptocurrencies

Boerse Stuttgart Group Launches ESG Data for Cryptocurrencies

Boerse Stuttgart
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  • New ESG data for cryptocurrencies addresses MiCA regulation requirements.
  • Collaboration with Crypto Risk Metrics ensures comprehensive data coverage.
  • Easy data feed integration for clients reduces internal effort.

Boerse Stuttgart Group is expanding its market data offerings to include ESG data for cryptocurrencies, in response to the EU’s MiCA regulation. This regulation mandates crypto asset service providers to publish sustainability figures for the cryptocurrencies they offer.

In collaboration with Crypto Risk Metrics, Boerse Stuttgart Group ensures that the ESG data is reliable and accurate. The data is distributed through Boerse Stuttgart Group’s existing network of data providers, making it easily accessible for clients. Clients can extend their data feed with minimal effort, thanks to the simple integration process.

Through our offering of ESG data for cryptocurrencies, every bank, broker, and crypto provider can easily and cost-effectively obtain the data required by regulation. We are directly connected to all major data vendors who can redistribute the ESG data to their clients,” says Sabine Guske, Head of Data & Analytics at Boerse Stuttgart Group.

Tim Zölitz, CRO of Crypto Risk Metrics, adds, “Our cooperation with Boerse Stuttgart Group ensures that every provider of crypto services can fulfill its ESG reporting obligations in the best possible way. We were particularly pleased that our internal compliance framework, which systematically excludes possible influences from blockchain protocols in the calculation of ESG figures, was taken into account.

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Currently, Boerse Stuttgart Group offers ESG data for around 30 cryptocurrencies, with plans to expand the offering based on demand.

For more information, visit Boerse Stuttgart Group’s data offering.

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