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ESGRI Launches Free Tool to Benchmark Business ESG Performance

ESGRI Launches Free Tool to Benchmark Business ESG Performance

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  • Streamlined ESG Start: ESGRI’s free ESG health check simplifies initial steps for SMEs in ESG reporting.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Automated scoring and detailed reports highlight strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Global Accessibility: Available worldwide, this tool supports mandatory ESG reporting preparation.

ESG Reporting Intelligence (ESGRI) launches a free ESG health check, helping businesses globally prepare for mandatory ESG reporting.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often struggle with where to start their ESG reporting journey. To address this, ESGRI offers a free, comprehensive ESG report to provide clarity and direction.

James Cronan, Managing Director of ESGRI, explains:A lot of SMEs struggle to understand where to begin, and unfortunately, the options out there are too expensive. Our vision is to help these businesses take the first step by providing a free comprehensive ESG report.

The ESGRI Health Check, leveraging decades of ESG consulting experience from experts across five continents, evaluates criteria such as HR, operations, property, product development, marketing, and compliance. It generates a score out of 1,000, offering a breakdown into four categories: ESG Maturity, Environment, Social, and Governance.

Cronan adds:ESG strategy and reporting have become increasingly important to stakeholders like suppliers, customers, banks, and government regulators. An increasing number of nations are mandating ESG reporting.

This 30-minute health check provides SMEs with a comprehensive, independent, and effective solution. Once completed, ESGRI reviews and validates the responses within seven days, delivering a detailed report valued at thousands of dollars—entirely free.

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Cronan emphasizes:Our goal is to simplify ESG reporting preparation. The ESG health check offers a comprehensive guide for businesses to develop a strategy. By offering this service for free, we make ESG reporting more accessible.

Businesses can use their ESGRI score as a foundation for mandatory reporting or engage with ESGRI for further validation and assistance.

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