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Nuveen Raises $200M for Global Climate Inclusion Private Equity Strategy

Nuveen Raises $200M for Global Climate Inclusion Private Equity Strategy

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  • $200M raised at first close for Nuveen’s second global climate inclusion private equity strategy.
  • Focus on investing in solutions for climate change, inequality, and sustainable development.
  • Fund meets SFDR Article 9 requirements and aligns with impact management principles.

Nuveen has secured approximately $200 million at the first close of its second global climate inclusion private equity strategy. This fund aims to tackle sustainable development challenges, including climate change and inequality, by investing in impactful solutions.

Building on Success Nuveen’s new strategy builds on the success of their first private equity impact strategy, which launched in 2021, raised $218 million, and invested in eight global businesses. The new fund will target investments that mitigate climate change, enhance access to financial services, and support low-income consumers in building resilience to climate change.

Strategic Focus The fund will concentrate on climate inclusion in key global growth markets. It aligns with the requirements of SFDR Article 9 and adheres to the Operating Principles for Impact Management.

Leadership Insight Rekha Unnithan, Head of Private Equity Impact at Nuveen, stated:

We believe that climate change and inequality, two of the biggest challenges the world faces, can be addressed by commercial businesses. The changing regulatory environment and shifts in consumer sentiment means overcoming those challenges also presents a compelling investment opportunity. As a longtime leader in impact investing, we look forward to leveraging our years of experience and $1bn track record to target positive returns for our investors and the world we live in.

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Investor Support The fund has garnered support from global investors, including Danish pension fund Velliv. Anders Stensbøl Christiansen, Chief Investment Officer at Velliv, commented:

At Velliv, we have been investing in Nuveen’s Impact funds for many years, as we believe that impact investing demonstrates how generating returns can go hand in hand with addressing the world’s challenges, whether they are social, environmental or a combination of both. Nuveen Private Equity Impact enables Velliv to achieve a global reach in our impact portfolio, delivering returns and measurable impact across several SDGs through both socially and environmentally focused investments.

Nuveen continues to lead in impact investing, leveraging its experience to deliver positive outcomes for investors and the broader community.


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