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Rachel Hodgdon of IWBI with Matt Bird of ESG News Putting “H” Health Humanity into ESG | ESG News

Rachel Hodgdon of IWBI with Matt Bird of ESG News Putting “H” Health Humanity into ESG | ESG News

Rachel Hodgdon with Matt Bird at Putting “H” Health and Humanity into ESG Event at Nasdaq Marketsite on ESGNews

In this captivating segment Matt and Rachel break down key topics including:

  • 12 competencies for measuring health and wellbeing for human and social capital
  • Organizations Ahead of the curve
  • Enrolling about 7 million square ft a day
  • and more exciting news


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS:  Rachel Hodgdon is the President and CEO at IWBI and Matt Bird is the Host and CEO of ESG News

Matt Bird, Host, ESG News (00:00):

I’m Matt Bird with ESG news. We’re here live at the NASDAQ Marketsite covering an event between the International WELL Building Institute IWBI and Humanity 2.0. And the topic is putting the H, which is the humanity and health in the ESG. I’m here with the CEO, Rachel Hodgdon. Rachel. Welcome.

Rachel Hodgdon, President and CEO, IWBI (00:20):

Thanks so much for having me.

Matt Bird, Host, ESG News (00:22):

It’s it’s good to see you. So I, I wanna start off, uh, I saw your early stage panel, uh, terrific opening statement, uh, and announcing the, the 12 competencies. Can you tell us a bit about this?

Rachel Hodgdon, President and CEO, IWBI (00:34):

Yeah, we’re really excited today to be releasing the 12 competencies for measuring health and wellbeing for human and social capital. Uh, it’s a research based framework. That’s the result of input, um, from our research team, IWBI research advisory, our network of more than 15 survey providers who have collected data points across 1.5 million respondents. A lot, a lot of opinions went into the creation of this framework. And essentially what it does is identifies the top 12 core competencies that organizations should be holding their themselves accountable for when it comes to measuring and valuing health and wellbeing. And it’s both designed for organizations to provide a kind of roadmap for them to up the, or game as it relates to human and social capital, um, reporting and more importantly performance. But it’s also really designed for those that create ESG scores and frameworks themselves, um, because historically the H for health or for humanity, um, is largely missing from those ESG for, um, and so this is really designed to, um, help those organizations to identify what additionally can become embedded, uh, within ESG scoring methodologies.

Matt Bird, Host, ESG News (01:53):

Now, this is, although this was announced today, this is not a, a new concept. You, you have early safe adopters.

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Rachel Hodgdon, President and CEO, IWBI (01:59):

Absolutely. And today we’re featuring some of the organizations that are really ahead of the curve, like Estee Lauder, and EY. Um, we definitely see that in general organizations that are utilizing well as a framework for, um, advancing health and wellbeing at their own organizations have a running start on this. Um, many of the features that are rewarded within in the well building standard, uh, are aligned very deeply with the 12 competencies. But as I said, this framework is really for everyone. Um, and ultimately, uh, the core audience, or just like ESG in general are investors. Um, and they need to have a complete picture of how an organization is treating its people, because if the last come of years have taught us anything, it’s that human health is material to a business’ bottom line.

Matt Bird, Host, ESG News (02:49):

Well, I think, I think wellbeing, I think we are all starting to understand the importance of wellbeing. Um, I heard some statistics in numbers and I heard the number 7 million square feet a day. IWBI is certifying, is this, is this accurate?

Rachel Hodgdon, President and CEO, IWBI (03:04):

That’s very accurate, probably, um, a slightly conservative number. Um, this year it should be substantially higher, but yet we’re enrolling about seven, 7 million square feet a day. We’re up to about 3.4 billion square feet in total, across 109 countries. Um, and I just think it speaks to the growing desire for organizations to really hone in on people, first strategies. Um, but also, uh, the understanding that we need an evidence based roadmap. It’s not enough to just guess and check. It’s not enough to just create a workplace wellness program and hope that people show up. And that’s really what well offers and what IWBI does as its art is we translate that research to practice. We codify that within our standard, and we give organizations actionable strategies for moving forward.

Matt Bird, Host, ESG News (03:53):

You know, last question, and I know you’re really busy and you got, you got another session coming up. Um, there’s participation, both public can private, how important are public private partnerships and cooperation for, for something like this be successful

Rachel Hodgdon, President and CEO, IWBI (04:05):

Critically. And that’s one of the reasons why we’re so excited to be partnering with Humanity 2.0, um, I mean, uh, one of my former bosses said partnership is the new leadership. I think that’s absolutely the case. Increasingly the public is looking, um, public private partnerships to solve the world’s greatest problems. Um, and we know that those problems are so large and mounting, um, that we can’t do it alone. Um, and that the private sector needs to be reaching out and supporting the public sector and really vice versa. Um, so we’re trying to embody that spirit of partnership through our partnership with the humanity 2.0 wellbeing initiative, um, and really excited about some of the other partnerships that we’re focusing on, uh, throughout the day here at NASDAQ.

Matt Bird, Host, ESG News (04:52):

Well, I know humanity 2.0, and everybody here is really excited about it. And Rachel, congratulations all the success. Thanks,

Rachel Hodgdon, President and CEO, IWBI (04:57):


Speaker 3 (05:00):


Matt Bird, Host, ESG News (05:01):

Matt Bird, ESG news will be right back after this.


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