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Sergio Fernández de Córdova Interviews Frankie the Dinosaur live at Cannes Lions Festival on Climate | SAWA – UNDP “Don’t Choose Extinction” Campaign

Cannes Lions SDG Lounge

Sergio Fernández de Córdova Interviews Frankie the Dinosaur live at Cannes Lions Festival on Climate | SAWA – UNDP “Don’t Choose Extinction” Campaign

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Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman of PVBLIC interviews Frankie the Dinosaur (from UNDP “Don’t Choose Extinction Campaign”)  live from SDG Lounge at Cannes Lions Festival (Cannes, France)


  • UNDP “Don’t Choose Excitation” climate campaign debuts live at Cannes Lions festival  
  • UNDP-SAWA partnership drives climate short film to 30 countries 16 languages. 
  • “Don’t Choose extinction” reaches a record audience of 1.8 billion views worldwide.

Brought to Cannes by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), PVBLIC Foundation, SAWA and EarthX, Frankie the Dino stars in the UN agency’s film on climate action called “Don’t Choose Extinction.”

This first-ever film made inside the UN General Assembly using computer-generated imagery (CGI) reached a global audience of 1.8 billion. Thanks to UNDP’s partnership with SAWA Cinema Advertising Association and the Global Cinema Medium, the short film is currently screening as an ad for eight weeks in movie theaters across 30 countries in 16 languages.

Off-screen, Frankie the Dino became the week’s main attraction at the Cannes Lions international creative festival.

Public-Private Partners convene at Cannes for launch of SDG Lounge at International Creative Festival hosted by SAWA, UNDP, PVBLIC and ESG News


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Sergio Fernández de Córdova and Frankie the Dinosaur of UNDP “Don’t Choose Extinction Campaign” 

Sergio Fernandez De Cordova (00:00):

We’ve been, uh, we’ve been here now at Cannes Lions. And thank you for coming to the SDG Lounge. Really excited to have you here, as you see, we got your picture here from your infamous, from your infamous. Thank you. Thank you. I’m happy to see you too. We ha we have your image here from, you know, this, this amazing campaign that you know has really brought you back 65 million years ago. What, what, what has brought you back? Why are you here?

Frankie the Dino (00:28):


Sergio Fernandez De Cordova (00:33):

That’s a serious statement. Thank you for that. Basically folks, what he’s telling us is that, you know, he’s come back 65 million years later to tell us, not choose extinction that a meteor Basically destroyed his entire family and his population of all of his relatives, everyone. And he’s come back to tell us that we’re basically an precipice of doing the same thing, but he had no choice. We have a choice and he’s here to basically tell us, and he’s come back to Canne, to Canne Lions, specifically to talk to all the creatives in the world, to talk to all the media, to all the, all of the marketers so that they can understand that we need to take action now. And Frankie has been basically walking around the streets of Canne walking around and, and, and you were on stage yesterday, right? Frankie. And how was that? So basically yesterday, he was on the main stage telling everyone a story of how he went to the United nations and spoke to 193 world leaders to tell them that we need to stop fossil subsidy. We need to take action. It’s not just everyone of us, but also governments, governments need to stop subsidizing fossil because we will too become extinct. So Frankie, tell us a little bit, how’s your experience been this entire, uh, last couple of days. I mean, it’s a little

Frankie the Dino (02:07):


Sergio Fernandez De Cordova (02:07):

So you’re really shaking things up here.

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Frankie the Dino (02:11):


Sergio Fernandez De Cordova (02:12):

Folks, as you see, Frankie is here on a mission on a purpose tomorrow. We’re gonna have Frankie also coming in and speaking to us a little bit more behind the scenes. But right now, Frankie is really only looking forward to shake things up, wake everybody up and let him know that we need to take action. Frankie has been all around the up and down the beach, attending all, all the various events and he’s, he’s not happy. He’s mad. Frankie, what what’s

Frankie the Dino (02:48):


Sergio Fernandez De Cordova (02:52):

He’s BA BA basically Frankie just said, and I’ve learned a little bit of Dino over the last couple days. And, and, and weeks and months working with Frankie here. He said that our, we have over 1.8 billion views of his speech at the UN, but yet he’s not seeing anybody here at Canne take action. So he’s really, really off he’s unhappy. And he says, you know what? We need to start to see action and not just views. We need action. And again, don’t choose extinction. All right, Frankie. I know you got a long day ahead of you. I, I promised you it would be short. Your time is valuable, cuz you’re, you know, 65 million years ago was the last time we saw you. So we thank you very much for your time and we’ll see you here tomorrow, right? He said <laugh> BA basically he said he’s not leaving. All right, everybody. Thank you very much.

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