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BrightView Publishes Inaugural ESG Report

BrightView Publishes Inaugural ESG Report

Report provides BrightView’s philosophy, commitment and establishes short- and long-term goals in Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

BrightView Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: BV), the leading commercial landscaping services company in the United States, today published its inaugural ESG report, documenting the company’s current and historical efforts in Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance, as well as articulating short- and long-term ESG goals. The report can be found on the Company’s investor website.

“BrightView’s commitment to the principles of ESG is well established,” said President and CEO Andrew Masterman. “Recognizing our obligation to BrightView team members, the communities in which we operate, our shareholders, customers, suppliers and, of course, the natural world we all share, has been part of the fabric of this Company for many years. I am proud of where we are today and look forward to our future success as we drive toward achieving progress in all three ESG dimensions in the years to come.”

Masterman noted that one of the most significant parts of the report is BrightView’s pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2035. The Company expects to increase its use of zero- and low-emission equipment and fleet vehicles as well as the substantial carbon sequestration resulting from planting hundreds of thousands of trees and other landscaping plant material each year.

BrightView is committed to regular, transparent communication and intends to continue to provide updates on its ESG progress, Masterman said.

Source: Business Wire


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