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Calibre Launches Its Five-Year Sustainability Strategy

Calibre Launches Its Five-Year Sustainability Strategy

Calibre Mining Corp. is pleased to announce the development and launch of our first Five-Year Sustainability Strategy.

The Five-Year Sustainability Strategy is built on three key strategic pillars, which set the foundation for our goals and expectations:

  • Responsible Practices: Ensuring a culture of international best practices, internally and with partners;
  • Contributions to Sustainability: Generating positive impacts beyond mining; and
  • Global Challenges: Connecting with efforts to safeguard the future.

Darren Hall, President & Chief Executive Officer of Calibre, stated: “At Calibre we are committed to ensuring that our contribution to sustainability remains robust and continuous in an effort to make the gold mining industry, as a whole, a sustainable practice now and in the future. Our Sustainability Strategy is a pivotal step towards delivering value responsibly for all stakeholders as we maintain full transparency in our approach to responsible and sustainable mining and ensuring accountability by doing what we say and responsibly delivering on our commitments.

“We value the increasing emphasis that all stakeholders place on environment, sustainability, safety, and governance. As a result, we released our inaugural comprehensive Sustainability Report in early 2021 and will fully conform with the Responsible Gold Mining Principles (“RGMPs”) within the World Gold Council’s three-year timeframe. During the first half of 2022 we will release our 2021 Sustainability Report which I am confident will demonstrate our commitment and progress within 12 months of our inaugural report. Sustainability is integral to our vision and our success.”

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Petri Salopera, Vice President, Sustainability of Calibre, stated: “Calibre is committed to progressing and integrating robust sustainability practices. Sustainability is the application of our core values: Safety, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Integrity, Teamwork and Accountability. It is a commitment to our One Calibre Culture, putting sustainability at the center of our way of doing business and our long-term success.”

Calibre’s Five-Year Sustainability Strategy outlines our sustainability goals in three phases:

  • Setting the Stage (2022): Alignment and standardization
  • Meeting Higher Standards (2023-2025): Overall implementation of best practices
  • Leading the Way (2026 and beyond): Peer group front-runner in sustainability

Together, the Strategy’s pillars encompass our most material ESG objectives. These reflect the results of a broad internal and external consultation process, as well as the international standards established for the sector and, specifically, the expectations set out in the World Gold Council’s RGMPs, which Calibre committed to in June 2021. Moreover, we have identified and incorporated specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to measure and drive our sustainability performance.

Our ESG Strategic Framework is available on the Calibre website here.

Source: Calibre Mining


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