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Category: ESG News Today

Warner Bros
JP Morgan to Invest $2.5 Trillion for Sustainable Development Financing by 2030 - Reveals New 2023 ESG Report
A $9.5 Trillion Climate Investor Group Releases Target-Setting Protocol for Assets in Private Equity, Debt
Acre Impact Capital
Apple Triples Clean Energy Amount From 2020 and Pledges Net-Zero Charging by 2030
Chevron Launches $500 Million Fund for Renewable Energy Technologies
ESG News Week In Review 8 April - 14 April
Trafigura Sees AI Driving Up Copper Demand by 1 Million Tons by 2030
Japan Issues IFRS-based Sustainability Reporting Standards
G20 Pours Billions into Fossil Fuels Despite Clean Energy Pledges
Climate Inaction Violates Human Rights, ECHR Rules in Landmark Case
Gold Standard Among First to Meet Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market’s Core Carbon Principles
Climate Disclosure
Clean Energy
CO2 emissions
Clean Investment Monitor 2023 - Clean Technologies