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China Launches Climate Prediction Model for Wind and Solar Power

China Launches Climate Prediction Model for Wind and Solar Power

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China has launched a national wind and solar resources climate prediction model to enable provincial authorities to forecast energy demand and supply, the central government said on Friday.

The model, which provides data and graphic predictions on major variables in renewable energy supply, such as wind speed and solar radiation, as well as demand-side data such as average local temperature, was first issued on Thursday and will be released monthly, the government statement said.

China’s electric grid system has faced challenges as peak demand spikes during abnormally cold or hot weather have exceeded local power supplies, leading to power outages.

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This has been compounded by the country’s swing toward renewable energy sources, which fluctuate depending on weather conditions. China has said it aims for renewable power to account for more than 50% of its electricity generation capacity by 2025.

In August last year, southwest China endured power cuts as scorching temperatures drove up household demand from air conditioning and low rainfall reduced output from local hydro plants.

Source: Reuters


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