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Clariter and Count Group Enter into a Strategic €1.5 Billion Supply Agreement for Sustainable Products

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Clariter and Count Group Enter into a Strategic €1.5 Billion Supply Agreement for Sustainable Products

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Clariter and COUNT Energy Trading announced a strategic supply agreement for Clariter’s sustainably produced oils and solvents to be supplied by the company’s first four commercial plants in Europe and the Middle East. Aiming to drive sustainable transformation in the petrochemical industry, the parties committed to a cooperation period of at least 5-years.

Clariter, an international cleantech pioneer, developed a unique solution for two of the world’s most critical environmental problems: the plastic waste epidemic and the continued dependency on crude oil. Clariter’s innovative proprietary technology takes most types of plastic waste and upcycles them into three high-quality product families: oils, waxes, and solvents, that can replace traditional fossil-fuel-based products. Various industries can use these as inputs for more than 1,000 sustainably produced industrial and consumer products, including printer ink, shoe polish, paints, and candles Clariter is now preparing for global rollout, with its first commercial plant expected to be operational by the end of 2025. The agreement with COUNT will start being supplied by Clariter’s first four commercial plants in Europe and the Middle East.

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With similar goals as Clariter, COUNT Energy Trading also strives to promote a circular economy. Besides circular economy, COUNT approaches sustainability from different angles, focusing on the energy transition, transparent ESG reporting, carbon disclosure, and decarbonized transportation options. To work towards its goals, in 2021 COUNT published its first ESG Report and launched a chemical products barge that complies with the strictest emission regulations. For COUNT, this partnership with Clariter is another step on the journey towards a sustainable future that falls precisely under its circular economy goals.

Ran Sharon, Clariter’s CEO and founder, said: “Clariter is the only chemical recycler that produces high-grade oils, solvents, and waxes. The agreement with COUNT is a major milestone in our journey to rid the world of plastic waste and replace fossil-fuel-based products. COUNT’s reputation and network will help us rapidly expand into many new product markets”.

Jeroen Baaima, COUNT’s CEO, said: “The partnership with Clariter supports and boosts our efforts of bridging the sustainability transition in our industry. We are excited to bring to our customers Clariter’s circular oils and solvents, empowering them further towards a more sustainable future.”

Based on current market values, the agreement between Clariter and COUNT is estimated to be worth up to €1.5 billion in future product sales.

Source: PRNewswire

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