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CMO of Uulala Commits to Onboard 1 Million Migrant Refugees to Platform

CMO of Uulala Commits to Onboard 1 Million Migrant Refugees to Platform

Matthew Loughran, CMO of Uulala discusses blockchain and how it intersects with human flourishing with Matt Bird at Humanity 2.0 (Vatican City)


  • Humanity 2.0 main goal is to ensure human flourishing
  • Uulala commits to onboard 1 million migrant refugees to their platform by 2020
  • Growing and scaling in Mexico, US, Canada, and Latin America

(ESG News) – Using its blockchain-powered platform and app, Uulala committed to onboarding 1 million migrants and refugees for financial inclusion in 2020. 

Matthew Loughran, the company’s chief marketing officer, told Matt Bird, Host of the Traders Network Show, that Uulala couldn’t achieve that goal alone. The company partners with other firms for network credentialing, blockchain integration, and data integration, Loughran told Bird at the 2019 Humanity 2.0 conference in Vatican City. 

“If we raise people’s credit services and provide access to financial services, what will that ripple effect be in that local economy?” Loughran said. 

At the time, Uulala had been fully integrated with the central bank in Mexico and was looking to scale up in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. The goal was to help governments plug into the platform to be able to have an infrastructure to offer social services.  

“It’s emerging technology for humanity,” Loughran said. “Together we can tackle a lot more.”


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