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COP26: UAE Endorses Policy Action Agenda For Transition To Sustainable Food & Agriculture

The announcement came during a distinguished event on ‘Accelerating a just rural transition to sustainable agriculture for people, climate, and nature’ at COP26

(The Republic World) – The Minister of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates, Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri announced the nation’s endorsement on the ‘Policy Action Agenda for the Transition to Sustainable Food and Agriculture.’ The announcement came during a distinguished event on ‘Accelerating a just rural transition to sustainable agriculture for people, climate, and nature’, part of COP26 Nature Day in Glasgow.  

The above policy lays down channels and specific measures in which state and non-state entities can undertake and repurpose public agricultural support. This policy was created by the COP26 Presidency, the World Bank, and Just Rural Transition, ANI reported. This is a worldwide effort that will help to bring public and private sector players together to support equitable food system solutions to the world hunger problems. 

UAE Climate Change and Environment Minister highlights the importance of Policy Agenda

The UAE Minister stated that individual country efforts are insufficient to achieve the collective aim to find a solution. Citing Almheiri, ANI reported, “Recognising that effective global partnerships play a key role in eradicating world hunger, the UAE endorses the Policy Action Agenda for Transition to Sustainable Food & Agriculture. We are confident the Agenda will drive a much-needed inclusive shift to sustainable agriculture through appropriate policies, investments, and support.” 

Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri further cited that the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) is a mutual UAE-US strategy that aims to boost and speed up investment opportunities in climate-smart agriculture and food systems technology and R&D within the next five years. The minister highlighted that this is a prime example of an intergovernmental attempt that drives transformative climate change action in the agricultural sector. READ | Hatta to host the official 50th UAE National Day celebrations on December 2

According to the Policy Agenda, agriculture has a vital role in food production, supporting livelihoods for billions of people throughout the globe, and contributing to economic growth. On the other hand, agriculture is the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions behind energy and the leading reason for biodiversity loss, undermining food systems and posing threats to producers, societies, and economies. 

Furthermore, the policy includes a detailed definition of sustainable agriculture, recommendations and suggestions to take appropriate steps, and instructive possible alternatives to help in decision-making. It also proposes channels for continual policy dialogue, cooperation, and peer support based on existing responsibilities and initiatives and an instance for repurposing policies for people. READ | US raises concern over UAE FM’s meeting with Syria’s ‘brutal dictator’ Bashar Assad


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