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Crocs Releases 2022 ESG Report Detailing Commitment to Create a More Comfortable World

Crocs Releases 2022 ESG Report Detailing Commitment to Create a More Comfortable World

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Report provides updates on the company’s sustainability ambitions and its continued focus on people and community

Crocs, Inc., a global leader in innovative casual footwear, published its 2022 Comfort Report. The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report reflects important progress and evolution of milestones surrounding the enterprise’s commitment to becoming a more sustainable and equitable company.

As an organization committed to creating a more comfortable world for all, this annual report demonstrates how the company has continued building upon its guiding pillars: Comfort for the Planet, Comfort for our Communities and Comfort for All People. 

The 2022 Comfort Report reflects the incredible growth Crocs, Inc. has seen over the past year, including the acquisition of another fast-growing, casual footwear brand, HEYDUDE. As the company welcomed HEYDUDE into the Crocs, Inc. enterprise, steps were taken to align the brand with the organizational pillars, including mapping sustainability impacts along the supply chain and integrating employees into the company culture.

With the acquisition of HEYDUDE and the expansion of the company’s global footprint, Crocs, Inc. responsibly and transparently revisited the Net Zero commitment made in 2021. Reflective of the intentional ESG journey at Crocs, Inc., the organization has made a critical update to this environmental goal and is now committed to its journey to become a Net Zero company by 2040.

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“Our organization has seen tremendous growth and transformation in the past year, and our business looks different today with the expansion of our brand portfolio than when we set our initial goals in 2021. This report captures our hard-earned progress, essential learnings and the bold ambitions we continue to aspire to as an organization,” said Crocs, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Rees. “We are pleased with the progress we have made in our ESG journey and are as committed as ever to becoming a more sustainable and equitable global organization.” 

Well known as a company that encourages everyone to be comfortable in their own shoes, the report also includes updates on Crocs, Inc.’s commitment to enhanced diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. The report shares details around the social impact the company has had across global communities through donated funds, shoes and time, as well as the progress that continues to be made to build an even more inclusive workplace where employees feel seen, heard and valued.

In summary, the organization has reflected on the long-term, intersectional strategies that will enable the business to have the most impact throughout its ESG journey. Stemming from its guiding pillars, four key ambitions have newly been formalized – reinforced through a strong foundation of governance – that will guide the Crocs, Inc. ESG strategy moving forward:  

(1) Individuality: fostering an inclusive workforce,   
(2) Circularity: innovating for a circular economy,   
(3) Climate Stability: mitigating climate change and reducing carbon, and   
(4) Community: reimagining systems to unlock opportunity.   

The Crocs, Inc. ESG Report is guided by key ESG frameworks, including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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