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Eni Launches Program for Suppliers Committed to Sustainable Development

Eni Launches Program for Suppliers Committed to Sustainable Development

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Eni is launching an innovative program in cooperation with some banks to offer companies in its supply chain the opportunity to optimize the management of their liquidity by incentivizing the improvement of their ESG profile.

Eni reaffirms its commitment to the energy supply chain by making available to its suppliers a new digital and sustainability-related model – in addition to “Basket Bond – Sustainable Energy” programme -. It is designed for Eni suppliers to receive advance payments from the scheme’s financial partners.

Thanks to FinDynamic’s technology and to the collaboration with Crédit Agricole and UniCredit for financial activities, Eni’s suppliers will have an additional possibility to access credit simply and quickly, and will also obtain favorable financial terms.

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By joining the Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Programme, suppliers will have the possibility to request advance payment of invoices issued to Eni through the “FinTech” digital platform, which is provided by FinDynamic, a company specialised in offering innovative solutions to optimise the management of corporate liquidity.

As the banking counterparts (funders) selected by Eni for this programme, Crédit Agricole and UniCredit have initiated the process to finalise the operational procedures.

The conditions for companies to access the programme will be linked to their commitment to sustainable development, thus combining an improvement in financial resource management with ESG performance. To this end, companies will use the functionalities of Open-es, the digital platform connecting industry, finance and trade associations and dedicated to the sustainable growth of supply chains.

With this new programme, Eni is strengthening its support strategy for companies by offering concrete tools for creating long-term value while emphasising the importance of involving the entire supply chain towards a path of sustainable growth.

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