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ESG Book Announces Strategic Partnership with BDO Sunghyun Korea

ESG Book Announces Strategic Partnership with BDO Sunghyun Korea

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Partnership will enable BDO Sunghyun clients to access ESG Book’s market leading sustainability data solutions for corporates and investors.

  • Covering 50,000+ companies globally, ESG Book’s product offering includes ESG and climate data, company-level and portfolio-level scores, and analytics tools.
  • With 135,000+ corporate disclosures, ESG Book’s technology platform directly connects companies and investors for ESG reporting.
  • Korea’s largest corporations are increasingly embracing ESG standards to meet growing regulatory and market requirements.

ESG Book, a global leader in sustainability data and technology, announced a new strategic partnership with BDO Sunghyun in Korea, an independent member of BDO International Limited, the global network of public accounting, tax and advisory firms which provides professional services in 164 countries.

The partnership will provide BDO Sunghyun’s clients with access to ESG Book’s comprehensive data solutions covering over 50,000 corporates, including ESG and climate data, company-level and portfolio- level scores, and analytics tools.

Dr Daniel Klier, CEO of ESG Book, said: “Investors and companies are today demanding better, technology- enabled solutions in order to meet increasingly complex ESG requirements, and direct capital towards more sustainable and higher-impact assets. We are delighted to announce ESG Book’s new strategic partnership with BDO Sunghyun, which will open up new joint opportunities to support clients in Korea with next generation ESG data and technology for better decision making.”

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Kil-bae Yoon, Managing Partner at BDO Sunghyun, said: “The importance of disclosing and evaluating ESG data under global standards is clear. However, with a multitude of international frameworks, and different criteria across rating agencies, it can be difficult to obtain sufficiently transparent and comparable ESG data for market stakeholders. In this respect, the disclosure and evaluation capabilities of ESG Book will be a game changer, and this strategic partnership between BDO Sunghyun and ESG Book will help Korean companies carry out sustainable management on an international level.”

ESG Book offers a wide range of sustainability related data, scoring, and technology products that are used by many of the world’s largest investors, financial institutions, and corporates. Its SaaS data management and disclosure platform enables companies to own their own data and disclose directly to stakeholders in real-time against multiple frameworks. With over 135,000 corporate sustainability disclosures available on the platform, ESG Book offers the largest disclosure database in the world.

With its headquarters in Seoul, BDO Sunghyun has three further offices in Busan, Changwon, and Daegu. With nearly 300 professionals and its expertise, BDO Sunghyun is expanding its service lines by the intensive investment on the service quality and new business area. BDO Sunghyun established the ESG Center in 2021, comprising 20 internal and external experts, and currently provides advisory and assurance services that meet international ESG evaluation standards.

Korea’s leading corporations are increasingly embracing ESG standards to meet growing regulatory and market requirements. A 2022 survey of Korea’s largest 100 corporations showed that 90% of companies operate a separate ESG division, with 94% incorporating ESG factors in their annual business plans.


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