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ESG News: Week in Review

ESG News: Week in Review

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June 2023 Week-2; Germany launches $53 billion to help companies shift toward carbon neutrality; Japan to invest $107 billion in hydrogen supply; Uruguay plans $4 billion green hydrogen facility investment; Biden, Sunak sign US-UK agreement; Biden moves to nix US states’ challenge to ESG investing rule; Uber to eliminate emissions on deliveries by 2040; Swiss regulator finds FIFA made false claims about carbon neutrality; Mercedes-Benz and H2 Green Steel sign green steel agreement

See below for the highlights of the past week:

Sustainability Goals, Initiatives and Achievements

Executive Moves

ESG Around the World

Government & Regulators

ESG Services & Tools

ESG Investing

Sustainable Finance

Energy Transition

Social Responsibility & DEI

ESG Research & Reporting

ESG Events

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