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Eva Kaili EU Parliament with Matt Bird on Blockchain and Partnerships – ESG News

Eva Kaili EU Parliament with Matt Bird on Blockchain and Partnerships – ESG News

Eva Kaili, Vice President of the EU Parliament interview with Matt Bird at the Blockchain for Europe (EU Parliament)


  • Blockchain has transcended hype to be a mature technology
  • Digital currencies and assets are being rolled out and advanced globally
  • Cross-border transactions have high fees and decentralized blockchain technology can help solve that issue


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Eva Kaili, Head of Hellenic S&D Delegation for the EU Parliament and Matt Bird, Host of ESG News 

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News:  00:00

Welcome back to the Traders Network Show as we’re broadcast worldwide from the EU parliament here in Brussels Belgium. We’re concluding our coverage of the 2020 Blockchain for Europe summit. And my next guest is from Greece. Eva, welcome. Hi from the European Parliament. Hi, how are you doing? 

Eva Kaili – Head of Hellenic S&D Delegation, EU Parliament: 00:13

I’m good. I’m happy to have you here. 

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News:  00:16

You know, I just caught the last panel as you’re coming off, as it wrapped up today’s summit and these events, you know, and the first thing I had that went through my mind being that you’re elected official here at the European parliament is how important are public private partnerships for adoption and policy?

Eva Kaili – Head of Hellenic S&D Delegation, EU Parliament: 00:30

I would say it’s quite important because especially in the beginning when people were a bit defensive with this new technology, like blockchain or even AI, you definitely need to have and give them access to the public sector to support these projects, to scale a bit and test them and see if you can benefit citizens. So in order to take the risk I would say to have the public sector coming in, it’s really important, especially in Europe, where there is a bit of fragmentation.

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Matt Bird – Host, ESG News:  00:56

You know, I heard Gloria speak and she’s quite outspoken, very articulate. I loved her analogy as far as the adoption and decentralized and centralized data and people are going to gravitate to what they used. That was my big takeaway. What was your big takeaway of today’s panel?

Eva Kaili – Head of Hellenic S&D Delegation, EU Parliament: 01:11

Well, I would say my big take is that basically we have a mature technology now. We are beyond the hype. We can get the real impact on the real value of this technology and it still remains huge and very cool. And I think it can change every sector, especially removing incredible fees of transactions and giving back trust to all the exchanges we could have. So I’m gonna work on the regulation and legislation this year and hopefully we will  have you back and talks about results.

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News: 01:46

You know, results and KPIs are everything. That’s how you drive adoption and policy. You know, I saw the head of the Deutsche. He mentioned something about the speed of currency today and how we used to be at ticker tapes. And then we evolve to digital trading and that it’s inevitable for currencies to go a hundred percent digital, because we’re gonna get rid of that paper at some point. Do you see the same thing happening sooner than later?

Eva Kaili – Head of Hellenic S&D Delegation, EU Parliament:  02:10

Well, I’m not sure if it’s gonna be sooner or later, but definitely you cannot stop it from happening. You already have China exploring central coins and we have Libra that also accelerated the process of Europe and I’ve already requested it to find a way to make a crypto Euro actually valuable for citizens because cross border transactions in Europe, they have high fees and we have the solutions there. We have the technology, we might as well test it and then use it.

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News:  02:37

You know, we forget at least in the United States that cross border means to cross state. It’s all within the same country, cross border here, you’re literally crossing countries.

Eva Kaili – Head of Hellenic S&D Delegation, EU Parliament: 02:46

Yes, that’s true. And the fees are big. So it takes a lot of time. It could take like three days to have an online transaction. Right. I wanted to send money to my mom in Greece and like I realized from Belgium, it would take three days for the bank to transfer the money. So I was thinking definitely we have a problem that needs a solution. And we have the technology to find the solution.

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News:  03:10

All right. So listen, I know you’re a busy woman and people are pulling in, we got the reception coming up in a little bit. What can we expect next from you in parliament in Greece?

Eva Kaili – Head of Hellenic S&D Delegation, EU Parliament:  03:17

Well, after the crisis in Greece we were trying to see how we can make sure that citizens will get back trust and respect to the system. So offering them decentralization or having control of their data and their privacy, I think is the biggest thing we can achieve. And this could also protect our democratic values. So I would be very proud if I could add even one thing there.

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News:  03:39

That’s amazing. Protecting privacy is a big one though. But thanks so much for coming on. You’re watching the Traders Network Show as we broadcast worldwide through ESG News, a special thanks out to our affiliate partners, ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. I’m Matt Bird. We’ll be coming right back with our next guest. You don’t want to go away. Stay tuned. Thank you.


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