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Exponential’s New Guide Outlines Seven Steps for Circular Business Transformation

Exponential’s New Guide Outlines Seven Steps for Circular Business Transformation

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Exponential Roadmap Initiative and Cradlenet together on 10 April launch the Circular Action Guide. It offers practical steps for companies to analyse their value chain, product portfolio and business model in order to scale circular climate solutions and fully integrate circularity into their strategic business functions.

Circularity is key to keeping planet Earth livable for current and future generations because extracting materials as well as handling and using resources is tied to some 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions and over 90% of global biodiversity loss and water stress impacts. Increasingly, regulation requires companies to report on the use of resources.

Johan Falk, CEO and co-founder of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative:

Transforming your company from a linear to a circular value chain is a big undertaking at the same time as it presents a huge opportunity to tackle the necessary transformation and be fit-for-purpose in a net zero economy that treats nature with care and respect. This guide equips business developers, product designers and managers as well as sustainability managers with a practical step-by-step ”how to” for cutting emissions and nature impacts from value chains.

The guide details seven steps to drive a circular transformation, the first being to secure top-level commitment. It then walks readers through steps including understanding present and future value chains, integrating circularity into the business strategy, setting and implementing key performance indicators (KPIs), engaging the value chain and communicating actions taken.

To produce the guide, Exponential Roadmap Initiative teamed up with Cradlenet. Cradlenet is Sweden’s platform for knowledge and networking in circular economy and aims to accelerate Sweden’s transition to a circular economy.

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Elin Bergman, Vice Chair, Cradlenet:

Developing this guide has been a rewarding collaboration. We recognize the critical need for companies to have clear direction on their path towards circularity. This guide offers practical steps to kickstart that journey.

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