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Ghana’s Vision 2050 Forestry Appoints WatersMark Co-Founder David R. Waite New Director and Board Member

Ghana’s Vision 2050 Forestry Appoints WatersMark Co-Founder David R. Waite New Director and Board Member

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Vision 2050 Forestry (VTF) has announced David R. Waite, co-founder of WatersMark, as its newest Director and Member of the Board, effective immediately. Waite is joining VTF in the retirement of its founder, Frank “Kofi” Frempong.

Maria Daniels, Managing Director of VTF, stated,

“We welcome David to the team with open arms. David brings a vision and that honed leadership approach you would expect from a former Deloitte senior manager that will be integral to our further expansion and growth as an industry leader in agro-forestry and reforestation efforts. His experiences as a Knight of Malta and founding partner of WatersMark have given him a unique global perspective and network to prominent individuals, corporate heads, and key government officials alike that open some exciting possibilities for Vision 2050 Forestry in the years to come.”

Waite shared,

“I’m honored to be entrusted with playing part in the continuation of Kofi’s (Frempong) legacy. The opportunity to work more closely with the wonderful people of Ghana in shared stewardship, preservation, and restoration of their rich forestry resources will not only bless the lives of generations to come but establish a replicable model for other communities and nations to follow.”

Waite continued,

”Perpetuating Vision 2050 Forestry’s heritage of reforestation efforts and our approach to responsible timbering activities, coupled with implementation of new sustainability best practices, will truly impact generationally the communities within we serve.”

Waite will be joining fellow board members Maria Daniels, as well as co-directors Sasha Vuk and Frempong’s daughter, Josepha Frempong.

About Vision 2050 Forestry

Vision 2050 Forestry GH (VTF) is the leading private plantation development company in Ghana. Founded by Frank Kofi Frempong in 1988 as an NGO establishing industrial plantations, today it works with farmers in over 850 communities across Ghana to plant and maintain VTF-distributed timber seedlings and trees. Vision 2050 Forestry aims to establish carbon sinks across Africa and demonstrate through forestry, climate-smart agriculture and low- carbon housing as core principles of ecological living.

It is distinguished through its commitment to food security and the global battle against climate change, and aims to profoundly influence the well-being of both local and international communities by the year 2050. Vision 2050 Forestry is backed by a number of prominent private enterprise, including catalytic investor and thematic infrastructure developer, WatersMark.

For more information visit: Vision 2050 Forestry

About WatersMark

WatersMark is a catalytic investor, developer, and operator, focused on creating connectivity amongst Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and emerging markets to the global marketplace. The mission of WatersMark is to purposefully reshape developing communities and nations through innovative social, environmental, and physical infrastructure initiatives coupled with tourism maturation and thematic urban renewal undertakings. WatersMark is one of the few infrastructure vehicles that invests in premier infrastructure assets driven by good governance and the pledge to deliver measurable social impact solutions, protect indigenous property rights, and ensure ecological stewardship. WatersMark boasts an experienced management team with a proven track record and a commitment to growing returns to its stake holders.

For more information visit: https://watersmark.com/

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