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Globant Expands Its ESG Commitments With New Goals for its Be Kind Program

Globant Expands Its ESG Commitments With New Goals for its Be Kind Program

Celebrating the Second Anniversary of its Be Kind global initiative, the company launched a fund to invest in startups that tackle the misuse of tech; implements “digital sobriety” techniques into projects to save 10M Co2-eq emissions; and inspire and train people in STEM

/PRNewswire/ — Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, announced an extension of its ESG commitments to celebrate the second anniversary of its Be Kind global initiative.

“At Globant, we embrace our responsibility to be a force for positive change. We believe in technology as an enabler to seek reinvention and make the world a better place,” said Martín Migoya, co-founder and CEO of Globant. “With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding framework, we now expand our ESG commitments to continue impacting communities.”

In 2020, Globant launched its Be Kind initiative, a signature global ESG strategy that unites positive impact programs for all of its main stakeholders and consolidates initiatives to tackle critical issues, such as DEI, climate change, and ethics in AI, among others. Be Kind operates under four key pillars: “Be Kind to Yourself,” “Be Kind to your Peers,” “Be Kind to the Planet” and “Be Kind to Humanity.”

“In its first two years, the Be Kind framework – which encompasses our ESG commitments – has been a guiding framework to support our growth. Be Kind is our way of sharing with the world our overall long-term responsibility to uplift our Globers, environment and humankind,”  Said Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer of Globant. “These extended commitments push us all to be better and deliver greater results.”

Be Kind to your Peers
Globant initiatives to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ongoing objective:

  • 50% women and non-binary people in management positions by 2025 

Extra commitments:

  • Grant coding scholarships to 15,000 people by 2025

Following our target of having 50% of Globant’s managerial positions held by women or non-binary peers by 2025 and leveraging successful initiatives such as the “Women that Build” Awards and “Code Your Future” Program, Globant will provide 15,000 people all over the world with coding scholarships by 2025 to continue inspiring people to find professional growth within our industry.

Be Kind to Humanity
Globant initiatives to support humanity’s evolution through technology


  • Tackle the misuse of technology through our BeKind.Tech Fund, an initiative that aims to Invest $10 million USD in startups that help to address these issues

At Globant, we seek reinvention to transform companies and industries. As part of Globant Ventures – the VC arm of Globant – we’ve launched the $10M USD Be Kind.Tech Fund to invest in start-ups developing apps, products, and/or platforms focused on reducing the harm caused by misuse of technology. Our growing partnerships with leading VCs, prestigious universities, entrepreneurial ecosystem organizations, and thought leaders demonstrate our belief in collective action. Together, we are co-creating a new category of an investment fund and, hopefully, a movement.

Be Kind to the Planet
Globant initiatives to fight climate change

Ongoing objective: 

  • Carbon neutrality and reduction trajectories in line with the Science-Based Targets Initiative’s standards-aligned with Race to Zero Initiative

Extra commitment:

  • Save 10 million tons of Co2-eq by 2030 by supporting our clients with “Digital Sobriety” techniques while designing their digital services and products

After achieving carbon neutrality and signing the Science-Based Targets Initiative’s Business Ambition for 1.5°C commitment letter last October, Globant will extend its impact further into its value chain. Globers around the world will be trained on “Digital Sobriety” techniques in order to implement these for Globant’s client portfolio and save 10M tons C02-eq by 2030.

Be Kind to Yourself
Globant initiatives to promote wellness at work

New Objective:

  • 100% of globers worldwide benefit from a comprehensive wellness plan

After several partnerships with global specialists to offer significant benefits to all Globers, the Company will keep on expanding its programming towards physical and emotional health with mindfulness sessions, emotional intelligence support, nutritional guidance, and many more activities. Globant will also implement wellness parameters in all of its offices.


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